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Fetch return [Shanghai examinee]
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Full marks of the university entrance exam wrote a composition 2005 comment on

Fetch return [Shanghai examinee]

The fructification that does not have a nucleus cannot live in nature, the spike of rice that does not have grain of rice always is raise the head with ignorant move. So Where is the person that lost soul? In the time with this medium numerous roaring sound, in the time of pass away the sham as the genuine of this true culture, bogus culture, we whether already by flourishing confused an eye, lost a heart?

Kangde says: Often have 2 reason, in control Yan; Of Jing Erwei, update with day; Go up to be stars, fall to be heart sex. But today, become us to be able to sit on the meadow only, 45 degrees look up at what grow in sky when cloud drift (Guo Jingming) , who can still understand the awe-stricken situation with philosopher medium in former days heart? When " simple " " mice loves rice " when singing north and south of red great river, who can be still picked up again " green Qing Zijin, leisurely my heart " the sensation with that kind of yellow extensive?

The culture life of instantly often sheds Yu Jian odd, babyish. Without can deny, green literature can bring the sensation like dream really, popular song also the pastime of at one's leisure of can yet be regarded as, but the main trend that if all these makes culture, be enmeshed at when a person among them hard when extricate oneself, imagine he can be straight very hard face reality, make intelligence and body collective grow healthily.

Another undercurrent that lives when next culture is commonplace, blundering blatant. Everyday, much recreational news lets people chew the red of a star hears bagatelle with pleasure, of all kinds " speedread famous book " " the great wisdom in conte " permanent best seller. So that someone says not without careladen ground, when green the base of a fruit throws oneself into his arms actively, what trouble does dimension still have especially?

A person is sustainable the poverty that material lives, what have to pursue cultural life however is high. Similar culture snack besides the amusement that offers temporary manner, what still can stay be stationed in heart, in the resound in heart lake of how much ripple?

Individual mental culture is short of break regret making a person, but when the mental belief that becomes integral sex when its is absent, it is lamentable be grim scenario even. China is old some 3 key link 5 already often was done away with, newborn culture order had be notted build completely. Live in this kind of environment we, whether to also make a lost generation? What what I hope is, humanitarian spirit is not complete prediction of a person's luck in a given year. When young volunteer Ma Hua is in when Meilixue loses life between hill, reached idealism area of the poet over there, became the surveyor's pole that is inserted on mental snow peak. Sensation is caused in university campus when Kunqu opera when, not by let a person believe, traditional culture is classical still having the appeal like magnetite to the grown youths below Mcdonald's.
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