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Change together with the times [Shanghai examinee]
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Full marks of the university entrance exam wrote a composition 2005 comment on

Change together with the times [Shanghai examinee]

No matter be to be being sung " vernal story " , or " mice loves rice " , we walked into new era. The culture with new era common sea, to us brandish begins arm.

Face the sea, how should we do? Tide hour can emerge, vogue, popular plaything toward us come down in torrents of ground of a head comes down. The high frequency great waves of information age is developing us to howl -- " who does not know computer, who can be washed out! " does recreational eddy side with our clamour -- " doesn't Zhou Jielun also know? You fell behind! " ... old people avoids to the upland, and we these elegance and talent luxuriant the youth was pushed undoubtedly in front of. Face the billow of the sea, we can rush forth only; Face seismic sea wave, only perhaps a kind of method can flee for his life, that is -- go go down!

Sea mile is very miscellaneous. Here " miscellaneous " , be not derogatory sense however neuter word. We know to have a Long Ping calling Yuan, produced cross rice, we speak favorably of one time to its, next of buy aside. In the meantime, we see " river east lion growl " in " Su Yong state " in " meeting performing a word " on " water moves song head " when be being sung farfetchedly, can laugh to say at the same time at the same time: "Be classical! " and can defend TV, serious ground looks to change ulterly changedly " on the west travel notes " , " apotheosis a list of names posted up " , still with pleasure. We are advocated " go its scum " , but somebody replies: We are very busy!

We are very busy. We are in desperately for something busy, having the assiduous mind of scientists very much. Thing of recreational of snatch a little leisure from a busy life even are oneself fine choose finely? Forgive we, we want those who like to see ourselves. We do not love those who preach to look, the cartoon with inflexible movement, we love to see a picture of free and easy of elegant, clue; We read those abstruse famous book with its, still be inferior to seeing those only feeling of the Han drama of beautiful tender feelings, talk novel; Listen to classical music to do not have interest more, be slack and perfunctory is done not have was over, with a ha still come excitingly as R&B, Xi. We are busy too much, let us rest rest, do not discern what.

When busy was over, float comes to offing, just discover whats were done not have.

Cite one " laugh be proud all corners of the country " in Ling Huchong's word: This world is being changed, we do not have method, be forced to change oneself. Ling Huchong's change, not be compromise.

We must not chase tide, can do oneself completely; The kind that does not need to learning a family blindly, can do completely more " advanced " thing.

Change oneself, make oneself have exalted moral, is not to know only " busy " .
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