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Shallow analyse sheds a culture [Shanghai examinee]
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Full marks of the university entrance exam wrote a composition 2005 comment on

Shallow analyse sheds a culture [Shanghai examinee]

Take a title to look, is what I think of above all He Wei popular culture -- , be teleplay, advertisement? Be still popular song, film, best seller?

Undeniable, the charm with popular teenage to us culture is great, itself of although I am right popular culture does not have any passion, e.g. some best seller, I think is the culture snack of manufacture in a rough way, prattle in the Yi on the stage e.g. those again ah popular singer, these look in me can use simply " evil common " will describe.

Accompanying social change, popular culture is all-around the life that the ground affected us, make this society it seems that in the center of the mainstream, strong thing, live now in us in omnipresent. It is affecting our life deeply, compose is building our culture, such OK saying, it is affecting generation the person of another generation, the person of another generation has this generation some of mainstream that begins to make this society, can be feed these their grown popular culture lie however among an awkward condition. Tell the truth, we are enmeshed in Zhou Jielun in the musical sound with not clear writing, be enmeshed in those fastfood culture, the effect that we suffer popular culture wants to be gotten greatly than those classical culture much.

The manner of popular culture is experienced, shed the intuitionistic stimulation of a culture, shed the flowery form of a culture, in contemporary life nowhere is not in the ground to affecting young generation, they are clever the ground, catered to body and mind at once uncertain, the adolescent that lacks judgement capacity. They make the joy that if bubble gum is general,wears a kind, we this generation person never experiences harships, have not the pace gives a classroom, what which can comprehend a society is multifarious? Still did not experience pinch, which can of appreciate the world miserable? Have not perfect oneself culture orientaton, where know consciousness put in hasten 's charge, make right choice? We are at a loss what to do completely, be obliged to hold the post of its to order about. Teacher lecture, often take out a pile of book, prate talks about novel of He Mingqing of Tang poetry, Song Ci, a type of verse popular in the Yuan Dynasty especially, ground of a head engrafts we are classical culture, actually I return the home to look however " boast swims on the west " , go seeing Han Liu of day theatrical work, go listening to appearance of back street boy, Sun Yan. We are admired and love such culture, feel it offerred pleasure to us, although be a kind of simple pleasure only. They constructed my affection means, my value sense, my lifestyle and my yearning. In some sense, it produced an effect to my life.

Of course, truly important is to should go to those who read those massiness, the serious work that has chosen through the history, it can be in imperceptible in the center raise you, improve you, affect you. Yu Qiuyu says, only classical, ability irrigates vast space and long time you, get on the history everything already the question mark of the high spirit of die delivers you, the beauty everything and wisdom is comparative unwisdom and present you together uglily.
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