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Unexpected with reason in -- write down Buddhist
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Full marks of the university entrance exam wrote a composition 2005 comment on

Buddhist&#The lifetime with tall 8226; , using loneliness to describe is the most appropriate.

Buddhist&#The work with expensive 8226; , will explain with eternity also had not been.

But he is born so unexpectedly, perhaps get such loneliness alive because of him namely, just let him die in reason; Resemble his work, before one's death becoming silent is such unexpected, and fire of the work after dying must be in a complete mess to also be in reason.

"If be done not have in the life certain and infinite, of certain profundity, certain and real thing, I won't am reluctant to leave. " Buddhist• once said high so, and there is Buddhist like the life that I resemble loving myself• is tall, buddhist&#The picture with fast 8226; , buddhist&#The melancholy with tall 8226; ... I experienced Buddhist from inside this word&#The despair with tall 8226; , the inhospitality of common people, the anguish that is not admired by others already tormented him so that do not become person entity. He is foal of a fine, but did not appear in that time a Bai Le, one also is done not have, then, buddhist&#Of 8226; tall loneliness living, the sort of living more painful than dying, cut the feeling that cut the ground to suffer when the loneliness with go to the sort of comparing to die more painful really when him especially, to end this anguish, his would rather chooses to die.

Go up to Xiang Ricai when blood-red blood drop, I am clear, that is Buddhist• is tall the final croon that gives out to common people to cast off loneliness and inhospitality.

Get alive such unexpected, also be to death then in reason.

Eventually its a variety of, I can't help pondering, because,be really Buddhist• is tall be destined is a star, is he so alone all the time? But why is old day connected " altitude deeply cold " doesn't loneliness give him? Why letting is lasting originally, be the person that is revered is in alive commonplace in? Why to think even him himself to he is every Su Yili, don't have a qualification to be respected by others? I am not clear! God brought up a talent already, in why letting him live in alone anguish? the talent is after buckling noisy trigger, the name that can blood excessive just give after page with illustrations completely? I am not clear! I fear such unexpected with reason in!

And his picture, with his person, became silent a few years in alive common, when the ability after he is dead is bright red big violet! People is in Buddhist• expensive work auctions ground of the strive to be the first on the meeting to call an astonishing number, although be in reason, but Buddhist• already went high, he embraces some can be unexpected loneliness only, cannot enjoy people however the admiration to him and devotional!
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