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The two sides of a coin [Shanghai examinee]
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Full marks of the university entrance exam wrote a composition 2005 comment on

The two sides of a coin [Shanghai examinee]

Before long, of small tiger team alter feeling rhythm, childhood ballad of Liu Wenzheng, companion enters a youth from the teenager as us, open a flower to fall from the flower, from spring go autumn come.

People often says no less than in that way, a good song, can affect a person all one's life. After-thought father generation people sing loudly " vocal motherland " , incentive people is socialistic career advance wave upon wave, watch instead now, zhou Jielun's song " snail " the school song that includes the school as patriotism song. One stone arouses 1000 billow, it may be said " risk everyone's condemnation " . Immediately, network of magazine of each big media newspaper spread out intense discussion, and discussion topic for discussion is popular song whether to suit to make school song. From this, it is active that I want to want only up, the song of content health, why cannot push propagation to sing. But also someone says, popular song how could enters the hall of elegance, prep let alone serves as school song, allow authority in chorus learns to sing. But nowadays we these youths, not be to rectify day and Zhou Jielun to be companion, associate with of Sun Yan appearance? Since like his work, why cannot be agreed with?

I do not feel disgusted to popular song, but a bit is worth affirmation, such act and compare as one used to do took one stride! Our society still compares tradition and conservative society. Although the viewpoint of value of people had produced tremendous change, but when conflict producing with modern mind in a few traditional ideas, our parent or meeting tell our teacher we want to choose former, this follows the traditional culture of our country, history and thought to concern actually. Today, the society faces great transition, culture is faced with great progress, traditional thinking pattern is conforming with international stage by stage, why don't we change thinking way?

Well-known, jin Yong is very famous knight-errant fictionist. I also am the work that reads him is grown. Can say, his work has good place, also have not quite good place. But overall for, still be elite over scum. Have inside him a lot of life are comprehended and make humane run. Have a paragraph of content everybody impression is very deep, be in " associate of divine carve a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct " in, after the personal enemy that be informed Guo Jing's couple when Yang Guo is his father, arose to revenge psychology. Preparing to do it to Guo Jing in him that day, he accompanies Guo Jing to inspect assist in relief city. At that time, guo Jing said a word one time this to him: "People call me the master, little imagine can say chivalrous 2 words, have two meanings, one of, care nation concern civilian, save civilian at extreme misery in, what this is a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct is big person. Secondly, help the needy and relieve the distressed, help a person at jeopardy in, what this is a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct is small person. " the assist at that time is in relief, face on four sides enemy, guo Jing's couple is saved civilian at extreme misery in, what can call a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct is big person! Then, yang Guo immediately abashed unceasingly, cannot bear helper. This paragraph of clue, affected me deeply. And up-to-date, still affecting the way that I play for the person.
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