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Forgetting the two sides with engrave
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Full marks of the university entrance exam wrote a composition 2005 comment on

Xi Murong says: "Life is the river that a cataract does not cease, we are that people that cross a river. " the Zun An of the river in life is to forget, the right bank of the river in life is engrave. We are taking respective and particular boat to move back and forth in Zun An and right bank, just know -- forget this, engrave of this engrave.

Walk to go up in life journey, we laugh at the flower outside seeing a window to blossom fall, Xie Kuxie falls, easy of cirrus of the cloud outside Jing Guantian, wind stops wind. On the road, we are experiencing the thing of too much and too much mixed feelings of grief and joy, it is in the voyage process of the river of life, we learned to forget the thing of this forgetting joys and sorrows, learned engrave the dribs and drabs of this engrave.

Slope wraps around east send Yang Tian to breathe out greatly " great river east go " , billow great waves sinks between instantly of those irritated heart bagatelle that he is faced with in, disappear into thin air. Grand surging Jiang Shuirang east slope chooses to forget, forget those frustrated, sadness, those who forget those official career is not complacent. Tao Qian is being accompanied " Zhuang Shengxiao dream confuses butterfly " the medium butterfly that has dance lightly is under Dong Li collect chrysanthemum carefreely. Face south hill, bright choice forgets deep, those who forget those official circles is filthy, forget all discomfort that oneself encounter, this is interior choice, this is to cross river person to be in " river " cross-strait place made well-advised choice, this is more well-advised " ferry " .

People is staying in the Zun An of the river, it is besides this, have the people that living in right bank joy again likewise.

Sit in the Yian lay Buddhist that bursts into tears to drink alone below Chi Bianting, the written language that uses her tells me her forever engrave is worn the dribs and drabs that experiences in this lifetime, that is she is in " contend for cross " the choice that makes in road. Lake is used " look out sea, chun Nuanhua leaves " tell me " rise from tomorrow " he will remember all life " water " , because that is him,use at " irrigate " his " flower " " Yu Lou " . 3 wool remembered Sahala's soul forever with her character. Buddhist• is used high " helianthus " remembered him forever " boat " ...

These are the life of the river two sides of life, this is to forget the option with memory. Wind plays rocket piece as blast a broken childhood, definitely the fall of the soul of ancient happy explanation of barren, hide in the depth of of dream and memory, listen to flower and night to call nightmare, sing flourishing, call the approach of all memory, the discomfort that the tear of the obscurity that also does not know by trenchant laugh and who will come to forget this and trifling, lai Ming writes down the profundity of this engrave and eternity.
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