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Listen to interior call
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Full marks of the university entrance exam wrote a composition 2005 comment on

Before long, hesitate in opinions vary, seek the way that is less than advancement; Before long, a words a few words in other is medium confused, be short of the one wing that Shuang Fei leaves bewilderment; Before long, stand fast without the choice the courage that or listens to, in the heart little the sunshine of a road before enlightening... friend, fasten a heart ash, fasten a gas funeral, listen to the heart please to the true call, the light that lets the heart is your navigation!

Yes, comply with the call of the heart. Fasten the lair of self-willed of be steeped to the lips in already, also do not lose in an alien land of unable to decide which is right. Turn over historical an album of paintings or calligraphy, you can see king of business name of the last ruler of the Shang Dynasty reputedly a tyrant not Na Liangyan is gotten only the family broke up, liu Adou can be in only without definite idea the country of Sichuan of life arena admiral of lamentable absurdity is buried. And the window that closes the heart when you, interact with the world no longer, you can add draw a frame round to the thought only, bind on the heart, can never hover freely on the boundless blue sky of the life.

Yes, comply with the call of the heart. The Fei weak point of bury of the person that do not go considering those countless need flows long, also fasten dispute " Mu Xiu Yu Lin, wind needs of break " " indigestion destroy market spirit " force. Your sadness, it is a heart in croon; You smile, it is the heart is singing. When others gesticulates, your lofty is not moved is a kind of example, the censure of others and censure a meeting better the courage that set off gives you and magnanimity! As long as unashamed, your footstep goes reliably. Is what another person selects when tall weight dissuasive unending still praise and honor? Is the encourage that other kindness chooses when honor adds a body still adulatory emblazon? Do the ego with the unending choice when boundless avarice expands or one admonitions -- " without desire firm " ? Should stand fast only the lamp expectation of the heart to the true, it will be you eventually how-to the rightest way!

Yes, comply with the call of the heart. Do not let double eye be cheated by the presentative fur of gossip, also fasten " nihilism " spirit is done too too exaggerative. No matter be opposite to the person thing, must not by age old debts, the balance that lets the heart always is deserted! Much cent is examined in develop the useful and discard the useless with estimate, the weight of accurate truth searchs in the choice. Die when branch road sheep, mo Zihui cries loudly, because do not have the heart,be

the lamp is his navigation; Mencius " current generation, abandon me its who " bully gas, namely " not decline to shoulder a responsibility " the individual character make public below the thought. When you not be in the push, enquire an inquiry more, be like fitly " into Shan Wenqiao, ask fishing into water " , it is the good plan that finds shortcut; But integrity and conscience ask you such or in that way when, you with respect to this precipitant, must not evasive, fasten concede!
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