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Wind, can pass through bramble
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Composition of full marks of the university entrance exam commented on life to be like wind 2005.

Good the analogy with an ancient extend. You perhaps sigh with emotion to come at it hasty also, go hasty also, do not wear a trace; I however postscript hill ford, in spatio-temporal in clean out grit, found the true meaning of this analogy:

Only wind, can pass through bramble.

Di Jinsen depicts life into the inside and outside of fence wall, we an another layer ground has climbed. In fact, full bramble of compose of this layer upon layer fence, when we are passed, often be a mass of bruises, all of body and mind is exhausted. At this moment, you see, wind is outside the wall 1000 encompass 100 fold, inexorable howl and over- , next grand traces condense in air.

Our hasten goes in life the journey with this ancient extend, run in twist, in the setback sadness of Nie NB021 # pesters full whole body, painful facile and graceful one ground. We are tired, however have no way stops rest; We are bitter, however cannot evasive. Burning sun rainstorm has come, flying sand walks along stone to had come, we bestrew bruise, face the forest of bramble even however.

Thoreau says: "Noisy voice of the river can be heard here. That loses the ancient wind of the name, sough has blown our woods. " probably turn one's head is ancient, can comprehend life like the essence of wind.

Su Shi saw wind. This once brilliant bookman, begin because of case of yellow city poem abjection, driftage all directions, flounder is installed hard. Those who be in Chibi is moonlight, his dejected, look " the cool breeze on the river, the bright moon between hill " , do him lightly of that god crane and the dream of dance. Face dark like Jiang Shui frustrated, he sees wind is in summit howl, circle, taking the labour pains that rips a body to crack bone to pass through next inky bramble forest. Instantly, of the Yu Jie in his heart indignation, those who twine is pungent follow wind and come loose. Setback, painful, forget only.


He is then free human society, lovemaking landscape, final language name hangs down through the ages. Just, the wind of that night, already offerred as a gift fall at years, nobody saw...

Buddhist is tall saw wind. He is lying dowdily, kink at an unintelligible doubt and anguish: The picture of extinct painstaking effort is made, it is an unmanned also understanding unexpectedly, one also sells do not go out! Become the person of life to art of one one or two for, nobody admire nobody art to be just like nobody to value nobody life, this is one kind is despised, by the tremendous anguish of disdain! This is the biggest setback in one individual life!

He saw luckily blast crosses helianthus cropland. That flatus was held back, give out anger roar. However they are forward! Be forward! Disregard right-down by ostentatious limb lacerate body, they succeeded.

Then he also succeeded.
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