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Find the inner world that answers lose
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Full marks composition commented on the university entrance exam to see there is a child on the bus when you 2005 when active offer one's seat to sb gives an old person, can you deliver favorable view? See when you one dresses up so that the girl of be gorgeously dressed spits chewing gum on the ground when, is she prevented before can you go up? Become you...

These circumstances happen beside us everyday, and we are already common however, perhaps because such, we won't praise that child, also won't prevent that girl, we do the thing of a few in one's power no longer, the heart coma because of us.

Once the Lei Feng spirit of be the rage disappears however nowadays into thin air, in that material the time of exceeding deficient, people support spirit is resourceful oneself lives. A lot of patterns of positive-appearing image nature are same, this disappear the other party is chief, corporeal life is much richer nowadays, and the mental resource of people gradually subsidise. No wonder somebody plaints: "The social each trying to cheat the other nowadays, we each lives too tiredly! " but, be really such?

Write down so that in one's childhood mom has told the story about father to me. She says, once father sees the satchel when the individual cycles was dropped, father pick up satchel chases after that individual, sought several stations way all the time... at that time, I feel father is very great, resolved it is as good with father to should be done. Then, every time general cleaning I take the lead, collect the dirtiest the tireddest work is dry, although dirty, tired but very happy, because I am done so,dressed to father namely.

After-thought rises now, my constant regular meeting feels he is very foolish, very funny, but, besides, examine one's conscience: There when pure, the goodness when, do not make a person touch? Doff next apathetic jacket, with primitive, kind-hearted heart goes appreciate, I can be myself " foolish " and touch. Especially nowadays, I can cherish myself more " foolish " .

"Person at the beginning of, quality this be apt to " , I believe, each person when the heart that has a chasteness, goodness, just be manacled by hypocritical, coma later, want to flounce off hypocritical chains only, that primitive heart is met come back. So, we are plainting " the society is dangerous " while, why to transform a society attentively?

Still have in our society very much so multi-purpose and open-armed the person that goes treating another person. The people police of a to chase a gangster gallant sacrifice, tens of thousands of person attended his funeral, people is this hero see sb off silently. People bursts into tears, it is the compassion to him, admire, still praise? I think more it is the compunction that to oneself apathetic goes, aspire wants Xiang Yingxiong study, because had such a few heroes,be, people gradually appearance of come out apathetic and hypocritical chains.

We discover gladly, corporeal condition is rich today, people is finding the humanitarian mind that answers lose hard, the inner world of people is being abounded ceaselessly. I think, corporeal life and inner world not should this disappear the other party is chief, and should promote each other, our society is developing so, in living in the society with lives of such a substance and likewise rich inner world, don't you feel glad?
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