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The flower leaves in those days
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Full marks of the university entrance exam wrote a composition 2005 comment on

Experience the harden oneself like hell only, ability refine gives the power that creates paradise; Had shed hematic finger only, ability plays a worldly the peak of poetic perfection. -- Taigeer

The person has a dream, this dream or small or big, however in that way divine and devotional. But also hoping highly because of this, when making people comes in the setback, appear in that way can't bear biff, can't bear heavy burden.

Before the setback, it is painful that we often can magnify in spite of oneself, that netizen place says no less than: "Some people can break an egg not carefully, enlarge becomes the anguish that loses a chicken farm. " from this, I recall a story that not long ago hears, girl of a Henan resides Chongqing alone, because feeling gets,the setback commits suicide with respect to preparation. One is called " life deliverance hot line " ground of constituent leave no stone unturned is saved issued her. After regaining consciousness, girl 1000 favour 10 thousand wither, realize oneself are too actuation at that time.

Actually, the disastrous effect that the place of painful and infinite enlarge when this comes the setback just about causes.

We often hear such word -- " too painful in those days " " at that time I was fainted by gas first " " really unripe in those days as

Dead! " ...

Every this a variety of, all without exception alludes " in those days " . True in those days so terrible? Before the setback, do we choose only " is enlarge painful " this one road?

Look look history! Our ancestor puts in bright 's charge 8 times fail in an imperial examination, had then " backbone Xuan Zhi " such meaningful article; Imperatorial Weilingdu of England 7 beat 7 battle, had then always hang down the good name of through the ages; Jump over undergo self-imposed hardships so as to strengthen one's resolve to do sth of king Gou Jian, had then " pains person, the day is not lost " such brave words! Not want to say the setback is invincible, right a brave and strong person dares the blood of straight face dripping wet, bleak life. Not say anguish can magnify only, true wisdom person can regard this anguish as only a kind of progressive motive force!

"In those days " , does the meaning in those days leave anguish and sadness merely?

"In those days " , li Bai does not accept imperial court put sb in a very important position, do not have however lift depressly, be being chanted is " install can influential officials of thing of break eyebrow bow " bold and generous!

"In those days " , tao Qian cannot bear the sight of official circles corruption, 100 officials collude, common people suffers disaster, do not have the speech of grave self-wounding definitely however, be sung even if " do not be 5 bottles of rice bow " daring!

"In those days " , courier madam body contracts hematic cancer, do not have abandonment act definitely however, start to talk even if " not be to use tear to be become with blood casting however on successful path " tough!
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