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Chrysanthemum waves sweet season
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Full marks composition commented on the university entrance exam to blow the sky to when relaxed autumn wind 2005 more Gao Yuan, look at last Na Feiyan when new child, the greenery that goes up when the branch changes orange to fizzle out, when little small acid already was worn branch, arrived again chrysanthemum waves sweet season.

Of chrysanthemum weak

"Is crash become, is crash become... " heard that ringing forge iron voice? Cool breeze stroke ors (according to) able-bodied muscle sends out the flavor that gives life, ablaze blaze edify is worn exalted sentiment, check health, the hero of this times, one belt (acting) talent, live the life of blacksmith here, with anybody, you are very tall to his expectation also, but dare you persuade him,enter fill an office? Whether to forget " with book of Shan Tao break off relations " ? That clang one's words has proclaimed to everybody he is right of official career distain, let him do him himself, let " bamboo Lin Qixian " live forever " song of Ye transfer to a lower level " , " Zhu Lin drinks " , " music current wine cup " , " south Shan Caiju " the life, did not let lay dirty gas enclothe a faint fragrance with light chrysanthemum.

Of chrysanthemum be proud

Whether can you still recall that year old (right) is Hunan country phasic hold pole to disregard, still decide " drag end in road " village? This " the heart is like settleclear clear autumn water " , again (personally) the great-hearted lay Buddhist that is like the boat that does not fasten, have the talent of all over the world, never succumb to ascendancy dignitary however however, live the life of poor adrift all one's life, whether do you also want to persuade him to enter a life, expectation he can be common people of the common people to do an important matter line of business for the society for the motherland. Yes, everybody hope is such. However, village he from (admit) the tree that be his is moon of heart of an a tree, defend, if you are extortionary,uproot him, kind in the social clay in defilement, he will immediately wither dies, let him make a tree forever, the chrysanthemum for company that there can be one individual plant to proud beside him he.

The die young of chrysanthemum

"Force unplugs Shan Xi enrages matchless, when adverse Zhui does not die, zhui does not die but how, nai of female singer of anxiety of anxiety female singer if why " , face surging Jiang Shui, face the villager elders of a country or district of the other shore, generation Xiang Yu the Conqueror also not by lachrymal wet the one or two pieces making up the front of a Chinese jacket, jiang Shui already followed other to surname, beauty cut one's throat is in bosom, it is to run away by ship, rally, still devote into Wu Jiang, "Be also ghost hero to death " ? If you are in a king beside, whether can persuade him " stay so that green hill is in, be afraid of don't have bavin to burn " ? Jiang Dong elders of a country or district people also expect a king endure humiliation in order to carry out an important task, perhaps the history can adapt for this, however king is final the choice is cast river and dead, he thinks to should die so that have honor, he thinks the hero that just is him then is ecru, the life form wither of one branch chrysanthemum, but beautiful sweet aeon stays sweet.
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