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I am ordinary, I am proud
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Full marks of the university entrance exam wrote a composition 2005 comment on

Small grass is ordinary, but it bursts silently green spit emerald green, it is proud, because had it, the earth just fills lease of life; Cobble is ordinary, but it is willing and appropriative slabstone, it is proud, because had it, people just had way; The farmer is ordinary, but they are silent and cultivated, they are proud, because had them, the society just had a big corporeal money...

Wang Guozhen says: "You should live some more happily, can live some simplier only; You should live some more brilliantly, can live some more bitterly only; You should live some more for a long time, can live some more ordinarily only. " yes, on certain level, ordinary also be a kind of sovereign state in life. Ordinary in, we can enjoy good intention affection alone; Ordinary in, we can savor the life carefully; Ordinary in, we need not care about the look of others.

If you are an achievement general, appearance flatly student, feeling malcontent to oneself life right now; If you are an everyday worker, complaining to oneself life right now unceasingly; If you are a worker of come off sentry duty, the hard worried look that living because of making a living not ┱ a low bank of earth between fields... so, I want to say to you: Although you are ordinary, but also the value derives from a person of extraordinary powers you. Because most at least, you can face up to the reality before and did not escape the life. If you can overcome everything before, then you can have new results.

In ordinary life, need maintains an ordinary heart, so the trouble that we won't have a lot of, also can enjoy the life to the top of one's bent. In ordinary life, think of we are creating endless corporeal wealth for the motherland likewise, can be full of in our heart so clinking proud.

Lei Feng is an ordinary soldier, but he is a rough every " screw " ; Li Suli is an ordinary bus-conductor, but she became a model worker however... go up in ordinary post, want us to be paid hard only, can make outstanding achievement one time likewise.

Shu Ting ever said: "I am simple, I am so happy; I am ordinary, I am so rich. Maintain an ordinary heart, make not common cause. " yes, ordinary life is rich. In ordinary life, we can savour happiness to the top of one's bent, need not use have too much pressure, can struggle for better life calmly.

In ordinary life I can maintain an ordinary heart -- but not be commonplace heart, try hard for oneself life calmly. Such I am OK feel no regret says at a person's mind: I am simple, I am happy; I am ordinary, I am proud!

  Brief judge

  Before long, the building is taller and taller, the view of people is narrower and narrower however; We purified air, polluted oneself soul however. The person that harangue then is much, hardheaded person little; Self-glorifying person much, the person that altogether from Ganping is little. This is our misfortune probably, it is the distress of the times. The life tells us, only madcap meeting gets disgustful, ordinary won't despise by the person. The author is from the times, set out from the life, illuminate common great, common sense. No matter be example,still cite, nature of all without exception is apt, make the organic component of the article, without stick the trace that act the role of. Article tirelessly and talk, have conviction quite. "Ordinary it is a kind of state " , judgment is original, can say to go up window sentence.
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