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A cup of plain boiled water
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Full marks composition commented on the university entrance exam to push a window gently 2005, what did you see? Life of heaven and earth, wood elite. A cup of plain boiled water, clear and transparent, absorb a heat greatly, of the heat of Chun Zhirun, summer, Qiu Zhishuang, winter cold, instantaneous all is experienced.

The youth likes to drink coffee, because full-bodied; Middleaged person likes to drink tea, because of faint scent; Old people likes plain boiled water, because can be illuminated,see another person.

A cup of plain boiled water, extremely common, let you pass through it however, saw whole world. The hand holds such a cup of water in both hands, if be in early morning gently sip readily, weak small however sweet, resemble the manna of early morning, drop in Xie Jian. The love that is mom then, can you look so that see? That is to be like the Xue Lian that blossoms on the high mountain general chasteness, love darkly like the brook that valley midstream crosses! The advent that who is calling us gently in our deepest bottom of the heart be? It is who is on each inches of our skin, sow next altruistic consideration?

"Heart of whose character Cun Cao, the newspaper gets 3 spring scenery " .

Such water, it is life holds the flower that give in both hands, it is the oar fining jade of beautiful rain brew. Be in terribly thirsty in, any drink cannot replace this. Pass through through this spatio-temporal water, still have a pair of double eyes that teachers yearn for, go out when break ground of a seedling, the gardener that can have two hundred and seventy-six million four hundred and forty-seven thousand two hundred and thirty-two busies for her.

Along the bluestone road of campus, down the willow road that be familiar with, you can see, the gemmule of enter a school has grown haly first fresh and green. Remnant of Yan of Х of extensive of ァ make <> smooth with a raking 2 feet dais, 3 truths. 3 truths..

Every little bit, moist heart.

Pass through a cup of plain boiled water, those who see is whole the boundless universe. Rain of spring breeze summer, qiu Shidong snow, wood bug fish, birds and beasts... and ego, how insignificant! I ever put flying kite on the hillside, had not compared ethereal flyer however however; Gu Zhongyin of my Ceng Zaishan uses spring water, but fish more free however; I ever tried to leave a door, never had left the grandfather's line of sight however, the urge again and again of the grandma.

All these, it is love so. Without love, which have 10 thousand people of 1000 people to take care for you; Without love, can you be 10 thousand people of 1000 people to miss how again?

I love this cup of plain boiled water, all people stand clearly before. What do not want coffee is cloudy and disturb, the barrier of tea looks and do not forget oneself, more what do not want soda water is boiling and proud.

It is such plain boiled water, delicate insipidity, but I can be tasted however give 1000 kinds of taste, it is sweet, it is acerbity, it is suffering, it is hot, it is the love of others, the affection of others, the consideration of others, also be the get one's own back that ought to give, what ought to pay is open-armed.
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