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I am sandal
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Full marks of the university entrance exam wrote a composition 2005 comment on

When seeing me, there is light in his eye, excitement must resemble a bridegroom. I think I eventually when my Bai Le, I want to say to him really: "Cherish me, I am true sandal, a small with respect to invaluable! " but he looks at me to say however: "Hey, found a good material that makes furniture eventually! Found a good material that makes furniture eventually!!

Day, I distain him! He is not known what is " material " , what is " blame material " . I, was discovered by a mediocre person. Be bad!

I still was cut down, assembled a car. In his courtyard I am curiumed ah, dig ah, grind. Complacently of my each Lin Mu Feifei is sending out faint scent, he was hit only however " ah sneeze " !

I am very sad. My habit call him mediocre person now. I discover: The mankind is very stupid really, there is money only in their eye, cannot discover truly costly treasure however. I still see there is a Chou Shi outside his door, point of point of hole of the hole on the body is really deformed and clinking, but I know, that is an aerolite, it is the sky hundreds of years ago a sidereal fragment. He, that aerolite -- everyday pule, always meet with however mediocre person curse, scold his worthless, dry cover an area of, so heavy still.

I do not cry, I am human distress only. The branch that becomes me is thrown into channel, trunk is broken off when chair leg and board, I know I was over only. So a hundred years sandal -- I, eventually by botch of a mediocre person prodigal.

I became a chair for the moment, board, a crutch of a door and old person... passed to make so old, all folly that the friend place that I witnessed this individual and him does. Base of their city wall brick period of the Western Han Dynasty becomes piggery, use the paulownia seed that can squeeze oil feed a swine; They the hematite with a very high volume that contain iron sells a foreigner with the price of 10 yuan of one car, the laugh that I still see those foreigners show secretive... not only such, connect oneself child, they also are not let off, I see the young son of that mediocre person is clever and alert, can become block carve flying horse, always be hit by his pa spank however, scold him: "The thing of worthless! Still play, still do not work! " he is so called " work " install hematite for the foreigner namely!

Day, I look enough! Of worthless is him himself! Once his hand became waste product,order right good stuff at each o'clock. Likely still arousal, mediocre person?

I this sandal is old also. When the United States young a short person, 1.6 meters basketball top-notch player never becomes a useful person to become gallop when the star of field; When exercising oneself into bey of Master, United States when weak child Shiwaxinge of Austria; Should say a teacher teachs dunce of a dense on the book " a the most marvellous " when, I saw only however with these contrary processes, include myself! ...
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