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The arena of the heart
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There is a stage in the heart that composition of full marks of the university entrance exam commented on everybody 2005, the heart has how old, arena has how old.

-- preface

Perhaps, you are the care that of course ground is enjoying parents only, notice them involuntarily however two hair on the temples increasingly greying silk; Perhaps, you just apply your outstanding wisdom, the match on bazaar attack gets like a drowned mouse, lose a family fortune even, and right now you can say " this competes namely " , but you ever can have thought, this meeting speaks more " eye covetously " . Perhaps, you are for small profit of your a few small as the head of a fly only and con bunco, be utterly isolated of in the end, be lost in feeling pleasedly however of pains earn " booty " on.


Perhaps, on the arena of own heart, you are a solo dance all the time person.

The universe explodes to come by a tiny particle, a beautiful earth appeared between grand grand canopy from now on, the mankind appears, multiply, develop gradually from the times of eat raw birds and animals and come, formed a society, had civilization.

Person " individual " nature, decided him to there is not his in impossible heart and see others only, he also can have selfish desire. However, the thing often has " degree " , the person always lives in a group, if there are oneself only in the eye, and if keeping a tiny bit of land to others, so, he will live in forever " ego " in, till alone ground is gone.

Imperial market of ancient time fors the time being only at a suit, if do not have,can be him " sea Na Baichuan, have Rong Naida " daring, if do not install common people in the heart, so probable namely " Fu Shui Zhizhou " . And our modern is more such. After all, we do not have the influence of hundreds respond to a single call, we always want the life to be among the crowd, we always hope to get the care of others, so, fasten the person that do that solo dance, see oneself while also see others.

By column turn one's head, we paid what to get, donative what did harvest to not matter, want heart traditional Chinese clothes to wear only other, can not have complain do not have regret; Lean on gate to look at, we will do what to get, the eye is pleasant to the eye to hiding what to not matter in what heart, want to see oneself also see another person only, OK feel no regret at the heart.

There is a stage in the heart of everybody, the dancing above person, should have a look at arena to have how old; And arena has how old, the heart that is about to see you has how old!

  Brief judge

  This examinee with " there is a stage in the heart of everybody, the heart has how old, arena has how old " as the preface, marked ground announces gist come out, facilitating reader holds quickly.

In article " heart " point to " bosom " , namely " see oneself also see others " . Author from how him look upon parental the first stroke of a Chinese character, list the historical lesson of all sorts of phenomena in daily life and archaic monarch, spoke " if there are oneself only in the eye, and if keeping a tiny bit of land to others, so, he will live in forever ' ego ' in " truth. Type of tail end clause is orderly, bring together is strong.
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