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Good-tempered it is sunshine
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Composition of full marks of the university entrance exam was commented on 2005 when writing down this title, I thought of a lot of relevant words.

Philosopher Kang De says: "Angry, it is wrong him penalty that takes others. " elegant Kang De is to won't have violent storm probably, the mood is day of Lang Qiqing forever. Others slipped, we are this as powerful as a thunderbolt, err then should be ourselves.

Contemporary Dai Er&#Carnegie does not advocate 8226; a tooth for a tooth, he says: "The simple method that should abhor others truly has only, produce the advantage of the other side namely. " abhor the other side, wish to feed fleshy bedroom skin break the bones and suck the marrow-cruel, the result can make him terribly defeated only, mental efforts uses up tired. Carnegie says " abhor " be another kind of form " good-tempered " , abhorring others is not gnash gluttonous adversary, good qualities him melt into that draws each other however is strong the body is strong the calcium of body is qualitative.

How is the wolf acted again " amiable grandmother " , hair " from now on abstain from eating meal " poisonous oath, change the inherent quality that has a sheep hard also, but if catch,kill comletely, yang Qun produces plague easily instead; Two tigers are fought in all, its situation not all is unripe, but once the hero is doleful, need not coop barrier, feral tiger also can degrade sick cat. friend of adversary regard as, this is taller state is good-tempered.

Lincoln president is right political opponent element with good-tempered and celebrated, cause the dissatisfaction of one assemblyman eventually later, assemblyman says: "You should not try to make friend with those people, and should eliminate them. " Lincoln is smiling to reply: "Become my friend when them, am I in just about destroy my enemy? " hit the nail on the head, many somes good-tempered, open adversary is our potential friend probably.

Cut of great river of 3 gorge project sheds a success, who is the biggest to the contribution of 3 gorge project? Pan Jiazheng of famous hydraulic engineering home answers the query of foreign reporter so: "Those people that oppose 3 gorge project are the oldest to the contribution of 3 gorge project. " the existence of anti, can let you hold the head of sober reason, work more comprehensive; Can arouse you to accept the courage of the challenge, spurt gives out the potential of life. This is not simple good-tempered, this is good-tempered be like Xing, go through the mill is worn your volition, grind shined the ability of your life.

Although I do not agree with your viewpoint, but I am accountability defend the right that you talk. A lot of people know this word, it included good-tempered democratic sex kernel. Fine character a 3 winters are warm, good-tempered it is in the winter the warm this world on pure white snow mountain; Person of evil language injury is cold in June, if you had good-tempered heart, regard it as in sorching intense heat of summer the air conditioning that drop in temperature.
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