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Mr. Cai

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Basic material

User name: T12151
Teacher full name: Mr. Cai
Sexual distinction: Female
The place visits town: Xinjiang Urumqi city
The place is street: Happy road 13 in around
Record of formal schooling: Undergraduate course
Professional: Maths
(Graduation) the school: Xinjiang teachs a college

Detailed data

Now the identity: In school teacher
Wish to teach course: Maths of junior high school
Schooltime: Time interview
Family education collects fees: The face is discussed
Other description: Exercise coachs class recruit students, but put one's child in a boarding nursery, hold junior high school in the palm to be born partly or elementary school tall Duan Xuesheng, address happiness road 13 in around. By teacher of mathematics of 12 years of middle schools, city class is outstanding classmaster, city class says teacher of tax competition bear the palm is admired make. Give the child self-assurance, dismiss concern to the parent, decrease to the teacher negative!
Sweet clew: If the teacher wants to raise a rank, need to revise oneself data arbitrarily only.
Data management: Revise (or delete) data (note: User name fills T12151)

Contact means

Connect a telephone call: 8103748
Contact QQ: 401669277

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