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Du Jing

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Basic material

User name: T12095
Teacher full name: Du Jing
Sexual distinction: Female
The place visits town: Xinjiang Urumqi city
The place is street: A Le Tailu 2
Record of formal schooling: Undergraduate course
Professional: Painterly
(Graduation) the school: Xinjiang art institute

Detailed data

Now the identity:
Wish to teach course: Literary sketch of colour of sketch of art children brushwork
Schooltime: Time interview
Family education collects fees: 30 yuan of ~ 39 yuan / hour
Other description: Oneself draw major makes undergraduate course graduation 4 years be good at cheeper drawing sketch colour literary sketch pursues family education for a long time the job is intended person contact with me please
Sweet clew: If the teacher wants to raise a rank, need to revise oneself data arbitrarily only.
Data management: Revise (or delete) data (note: User name fills T12095)

Contact means

Connect a telephone call: 13209962108
Contact QQ: 546293285
Email: DJ94795997

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