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Basic material

User name: T11880
Teacher full name: Mr. Guo
Sexual distinction: Female
The place visits town: Xinjiang Urumqi city
The place is street: Urumqi city new urban district 100 garden road
Record of formal schooling: Master
(Graduation) the school: Xinjiang university

Detailed data

Now the identity: In school undergraduate
Wish to teach course: Chinese of junior high school, english of junior high school, high school Chinese, english of high school English
Schooltime: Time interview
Family education collects fees: The face is discussed
Other description: Oneself are good at English, during the university Ceng Fu has guided two Gao Sanxue give birth to English, and their achievement is very ideal also. course of English take as an elective course has been taken to school of technical secondary school during the graduate student. The hope can coach with mine each students that actual strength and true attitude help my place take improve result, enhance the self-confident heart of study!
Sweet clew: If the teacher wants to raise a rank, need to revise oneself data arbitrarily only.
Data management: Revise (or delete) data (note: User name fills T11880)

Contact means

Connect a telephone call: 13899985825
Contact QQ: 00000000

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