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Basic material

User name: T11144
Teacher full name: Liu Kai
Sexual distinction: Male
The place visits town: Xinjiang Urumqi city
The place is street: Path of new medical service
Record of formal schooling: Undergraduate course
(Graduation) the school:

Detailed data

Now the identity: In school undergraduate
Wish to teach course: Maths of junior high school, english of junior high school, elementary school maths, elementary school English, high school maths, high Sino-British speech sound is happy, music theory,
Schooltime: Zhou Yi in the evening, zhou Er in the evening, zhou San afternoon, zhou San in the evening, zhou Si in the evening, zhou Wu in the evening, saturday in the morning, saturday afternoon, saturday in the evening, weekday in the morning, weekday afternoon
Family education collects fees: The face is discussed
Other description: Provide all sorts of family education, the music theory before taking an examination of, the family education such as English maths! ! Intended person contact please 13809948055
Sweet clew: If the teacher wants to raise a rank, need to revise oneself data arbitrarily only.
Data management: Revise (or delete) data (note: User name fills T11144)

Contact means

Connect a telephone call: 13809948055
Contact QQ: 331054853

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