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Pa Mom is wrong, excuse might as well
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Close child platform pa Mom is wrong, excuse  of might as well
Clever bud is in the home is an only daughter, grandma of father mother, grandfather caresses her so that resemble angel same. This day, be a grandma 70 old age, mom Yao Yingmeng goes congratulating an elderly person on his birthday to the grandma, ke Yingmeng and classmate still meet once, how to do? Clever bud chose classmate party. No matter how is mom persuaded, clever bud does not wish to go namely. Clever bud is actually clear, it is not important to go to a classmate to meet, the person that can congratulate an elderly person on his birthday to the grandma today is a lot of more certain, clever bud does not like the person's much place namely, perhaps want oneself to sing a few songs again. Finally, mom
Mom has been in below the circumstance that persuades bad to persuade to be no good, at a draught urgent, clever bud " beat " . Clever bud is long so big, still move her without the person a finger, so she is overcome, again also ignore mom. Half an year went, no matter how mom apologizes,
Be no good, then mom tells a teacher the circumstance in the phone, hope teacher helps him. 
The teacher pumped an air, call clever bud the office, did not criticize her, just say: "Clever bud classmate, had you never made a mistake? " the teacher sees clever bud does not make a sound, continue to say: "Be known according to me, had a lot of times last year only, ? " clever bud nods. The teacher says then: "Did your mom make a mistake because of you with respect to ignore you? Clever bud classmate, you and your Mom do not say first here to who who is wrong, consider your Mom wrong, you also should excuse her, after all she is mom, you are a daughter. Parents is blamable, those who do children should excuse them. Want to know, forgiveness and excusing is a kind of goodness. On this world, do not make a mistake without who. Occasionally, need our magnanimous and forgiveness. " 
What one says during a conversation, say so that clever bud ashamed remorses extremely, on the way home, she bought a few carnation, send to mother hand with one's own hands, mother and daughter two restored former joy again. 
In the life, often such, between the classmate, the error between the friend, excuse easily; But children often is excused hard however to parental error. Completely the psychology with a kind of perfect pursuit causes this. Children often hopes her parents is a perfect man. Little imagine, this is a kind of impossible expectation only. Parental or because the job is busy, or because household bagatelle is too much, impossible that all things are taken care of so comprehensively, impossible also to pay attention to a method everywhere constantly to the education of children, do children at this moment not should demand perfection is blamed. "The person is not sages and men of virtue, what can have not been had " , of a family harmonious, those who lean is domestic member between good-tempered with self-surrender, pa Mom is wrong, excuse might as well?
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