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Close child communication, children also this calmly
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Close child platform is close child communication, children also this calmly 
Calmly is the best way that handles an issue. A lot of children are heard when parents and oneself are dissident, often easy and excited. For example: Mom feels the daughter should not go for an outing with so much male fellow student alone, say: "You are not small also, should consider the effect that oneself action may produce. " the daughter replies instantly: "How? Mom, you want to let me do Lin Daiyu, close in be out of order of boudoir lanes and alleys to come all the day, be good influence? " here, what the response that the daughter makes to different opinion place of mom makes is impatient defect. If the daughter can understand mom's fine to suffer from the intention, static come down to want, alternate possibly a kind of manner, cordial ground says to mom: "This is activity that the League branch organizes, the teacher asks to come back to write a travel notes to write a composition even. Mom, you
Not afraid, I myself can notice myself. " such, showed the sense of this outing already, removed mom's concern again. 
When the opinion on public affairs that feels when children sheet relies on him individual cannot persuade father and mother, should think more, find enough to make the evidence of parental be convinced will back his opinion. For instance, in holiday, a few good friends make an appointment with Wu Tian to go together outskirts travels, suffer Wu Tian's father object, say this can disturbed idea, impact study. Wu Tian remembers Ceng Zaiyi sees an article on portion magazine suddenly at this moment, detailed introduction travel is right the article of student advantage. Then, brainwave easily, look for that article, put in father's the head of a bed. Because he knows, there is the habit that reads books and newspaper before father sleeps. The following day, when the requirement that raises travel to father again when Wu Tian, what does father say no longer. 
The method that persuades father and mother is varied. Want us to take care observation only, always can find appropriate method. Do not tell among them words and expressions even sometimes, can use up its are cleverly. If Li Zhi is a sufficient fan. But, father objects him strongly playing football. Li Zhi does not have method, thought of a cousin then. The cousin just took an examination of a key university this year, father is special admire him. The cousin is a fan absolutely, come from personal home in holiday cousin then when, li Zhi the face before father, had a football with cousin Kan, ask intentionally: "Cousin
, do you never play football when high school? " 
"Do not play football, do not play football how to pass! " 
"Then you are not to delay study. " 
"Where! " grind a knife not to chop Chai Gong by accident. Play football to be able to exercise already, can exercise a volition again. Play football, how to go without firm volition? Besides, it is good that study also needs the body, need to strike a proper balance between work and rest. " 
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