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Keep a diary, a word is OK also
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Close child platform keeps a diary, a word is OK also 
The son already went up elementary school 3 grade, but carry write a diary to headache, now and then the diary that writes down, nothing more than it is to have a meal go to school sleep and so on, it is to write down running water Zhang completely. See this kind of case, I am very anxious really. Think of will want to go, feel essential to the problem is a son there is material in brain, the nothing in abdomen, next day, I besides looking for some of good diary to let a son read, still adopted the following kinds of methods: 
One, diary of a word. In initial day, the diary that I do not ask the son is written has how long, 9 words are OK. 
2, see a graph keep a diary. Design of a miniature reproduction of a painting that I coach the son loves him, photograph, stamp, clip and paste go up originally in his diary, write next on if wanting to say in his heart. 
3, what see, hear, think of write down, also can serve as diary of a day. Before paragraph time CCTV is performed one set " into Jisaihan " when, having a scene is Cheng Jisai sweat will go out for a battle, the mother is full of affectionate ground to be his tuft to be blown by wind with both hands random hair, arrange the clothes of the chaos that be blown by wind, the son asks: "Mom, cheng Jisai sweat is so big, how does his Mom still wear clothes to him? " I say: "' work is 100 years old, the woman is fond of ninety-nine ' , the son is again old, the child is forever in maternal eye. " who knows, son
Wrote down this paragraph of conversation, read aloud me to listen, the true good opinion in my heart is moved. This paragraph of character, make the son finished the diary that day already, got close affection is taught again, it is kill two birds with one stone really. 
4, observation diary or information diary. I tell a son, see the character in the life, incident, feel impression compares profundity, write down at any time. 
5, cento diary. Son after all the age is small still, impossibly every day the thing can be written, do not want to go out really when the son when what writing, I can guide a son to think my to maxim of beautiful paragraph, celebrity is compared in the article, and the estreat such as a few a two part allegorical saying, common saying comes down. 
Feel as dry as a chip and drab to do not invite a son, every night at 8 o'clock, I and son keep his diary each. Sometimes, I can check the son's diary, so that correct the word of clerical error in time, if the son has fun at, he also can see my diary, make he thinks to democratic equality is between us. I think, after waiting for son nurturance to write down diarial to be used to, when to want to let me see his diary again, I can value his human dignity certainly, no longer peek his heart is secret.

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