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German adolescent is sound, body, beautiful educational dekko
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Adolescent of heat discussion Germany is sound, body, beautiful  of educational dekko 
Germany takes the fitness that fosters adolescent seriously very. Medium, elementary school is divided outside having 3 gym every week, 3 grade still have elementary school once a week indoor game trains. Be worth what carry is to Germany has clubs of a lot of outside school sports of all sorts of types, mobile content has: All sorts of balls kind (be in the majority with the football) , track and field, judo, boxing, wushu (say in Germany " empty husband " ) , ice-skating, ski, still strong and handsome, dancing waits. Multifarious, all completely, a club moves one kind. Investment form has a government to invest, state-private and joint, also have private do. Type of operation has everybody every months to collect fees the 70 profitability clubs to 80 mark, also have everybody every months to collect fees the 10 blame profitability clubs to 30 mark. In club member, a thousands of mark becomes life member, also have the short-term member of provisionality. Press the difference of the age and athletic level, cent becomes the athletic group of different grade, have the common group that is a purpose with training fitness, also have the group of excel in tall training with education sports the best of its kind. The student that waits in domestic economy income can join sports club, train 2 times every week at least, every time 2 hours of above. Take the kind of field of hire school movement.
Germany also takes the culture art quality that trains a student seriously very much, divide the musical extracurricular with weekly school, the offers student study freely conservatory that each area has a government to do, major student enters study, at least biweekly, every time 2 to 4 hours. The school offers textbook of the large musical instrument such as piano, music, provide musical teacher, hire classroom of medium, elementary school attends class. If the student asks pedagogic tutorial additionally, criterion must pay school expenses (gold of land rent of the salary that is like a teacher, field) 50% as tuition.
There is world-renowned musician on German history, be like: Beethoven, Bach. The historical deep origin and development that this shows to Germany takes music seriously to teach is long. Down to present German like music, formed full-bodied social music atmosphere. Be like: A lot of offices configure radio cassette player, almost every cafeteria broadcasts light music; Major average worker (be like: Indoor and replete master waits. ) there is a radio when charge for the making of sth. is made, work at the same time, hear music at the same time. Germany still has a lot of to decorate exquisite Thespian courtyard, the group comes the each country art that often has the Gao Shuiping on the world show, those who attract these artistic groups is the audience that Germany has higher art to admire ability. This kind of benign loop went to main effect since artistic to raising the culture of German nation quality. 
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