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The child errs not " hold tight lives to be not put "
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Heat discussion child errs not " hold tight lives to be not put " 
· of mark of famous and humorous writer spits the United States lukewarm, hear clerical speech in cathedral once, original, he feels the priest is told very well, sensational, intend contribute money. Pass 10 minutes, the priest has not been told, he is a little impatient, the decision donates a few pocket money only. Passed 10 minutes again, the priest has not been told, then he decides, a minute of money also is not contributed. Ended long speech eventually to the priest, begin suddenly when contributing, mark · spits Wen You at furious, not only not come down, two-spot money was stolen in much still dish. 
This kind of stimulation passes too too much, by force with effect time long, and cause psychology extremely impatient or psychological phenomenon of revolt, say for " super- be restricted effect " . 
Super- be restricted effect happens constantly in domestic education. Be like: When it is good to use a heart and was not taken an examination of when the child, parents is met one and again, again and 3 ground make similar criticism to a thing, make the child from compunctious uneasiness -- impatient -- allergy is fed up with, by " force urgent " , can appear " I slant such " mutinous psychology and behavior. 
Be restricted to avoid this kind to exceed the effect occurrence in criticism, the parent answers the child " make a fault, criticize only " , cannot repeat criticism, more cannot old debts new Zhang calculates together. If be criticized again, that also should not repeat simply, want to change a point of view, change kind of view, the mistake that such children just won't feel same by " hold tight lives to be not put " , cheesed psychology, go against turn over psychology to also be met subsequently bring down.
Anyhow, the parent should be paid attention to when criticizing the child " degree " , should have held " proper limits for speech or action " , avoid " Things will develop in the opposite direction when they become extreme. " " more haste,less speed " super- be restricted effect.

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