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A few of parent admiration child basic principles
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Heat discusses  of a few of parent admiration child basic principles
 admires the child is the parent's commonly used method that teachs the child. Fine fine examine parents the admiration to the child, we discover a lot of admiration the stirring, act vigorously that urge a person is entered. The academic and aspirant, from self-abased trend self-confidence child below the drive that admires in these is increasing. But we also discover some admiration are very inadvisable, did not achieve incentive child's aspirant goal not only, and produced a few side effect. 
How has the parent used the method that admires this teachs the child? We carry the research of pair of a lot of case, think to must follow the following basic principles. 
It is the principle of be practical and realistic. When showing the parent admires the child gains a success, ground of be practical and realistic admires the child is should be one, 2 be 2, not exaggerated. Although most child is happy to accept the parent's admiration, but they have self-knowledge, can discern correctly whether is the parent accorded with to his admiration actual, to highbrow admiration, always feeling is not flavor. A lot of facts make clear, the admiration of be practical and realistic, appropriate can make the child produces a kind of stirring cheerful move, make the child's state of mind and thinking maintain groove
. Can produce negative effect conversely. The person that can make be admired on one hand is the faintness of correct errors, right to acknowledge parent knowledge competence and purpose, motive generates suspicion; Still meet those who cause other child to admire to the parent to refuse to obey in much children family on one hand, can cause other child to be opposite even of the person that be admired laugh at and acid, bring about the contradiction between the child. 
2 it is measurable principle. Admiring child is the affirmation that the parent after the child scores a success offers and drive. Say commonly, admiration is not evildoing. Be opposite however for the child, blindly admiration is meddlesome to their growing may not. Why be especially in daily life in all sorts of matches, does ceaseless circumstance often cry greatly after occurrence child is defeated by the other side? It is grown in admiring environment that the reason depends on present child, was mothered mostly, to the setback bear ability is poor, be defeated not to rise. Accordingly, the parent should rely on specific at that time environment and different object to undertake moderately selectively to the child's admiration. To the child's better always side, the parent should give only encourage commonly, should achieve the requirement that just achieves to the child, the parent should offer general affirmation only. Such doing but
Cross frequency in order to avoid admiration, the air of arrogance of develop child, won't affect child enthusiasm again however. Face the child's long-standing weak point or the issue with very strong creativity, the child passes purchase successful, that fears the result that is subtle a bit, the parent wants energetically
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