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The child is big, why to love to talk with parents
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Heat discussion child is big, why to love and parental speech 
A few days ago, have a worry that 3 students parent recounts him first: My child resembled changing now like the individual, do not be willing to talk with me. Elementary school when stick beside all the day, what thing says with me. But tacit however now. Classes are over after coming home, besides have a meal, watch TV a little while, the room that is gotten into oneself namely does not come out. Sometimes, I look for a topic intentionally to ask a circumstance, he replies very simply also: "Never mind is good say " , "About the same " , be even " irritated died " " have? " we do father and mother, endure all kinds of hardships raises the child so big, do not be willing even the word to say with us, be be bitterly disappointed really! Why to meet such? How should we do? 
But, according to school teacher observation, this child is lively and optimistic, like sport. Very enthusiastic also to the classmate, what thing asks him to help he won't decline, classmates mirror him very genuine, very few tacit. 
As we have learned such phenomenon, not scarce. A lot of classmates admit he are like two different people in the home and school. Enthusiastic before the classmate optimistic, tacit however before the parent. We make this kind of appearance " the family is silent disease " . 
Be what reason brings about children to produce such phenomenon after all? Carry investigation, our discovery basically is like below a few reason:
One, adolescent psychology 
This is a kind of of adolescence normal reaction. The child of junior high school is in the development period of physiology and psychology. In mentally own consciousness is increasing ceaselessly, self-expression is increasingly outstanding also. Arrived especially first 3, as intellectual addition, of horizon open, of thinking perfect. This kind of self-awareness is more intense, they emphasized themselves been brought up, have oneself view to the thing, depend on parents no longer. Like and communicate with age person. Had bewilderment, be willing to appeal more friend, classmate, and do not wish to communicate with parents, solve ask
Problem. 
2, lack common language 
The student is mirrorred generally and parents does not have common language. Parents looks for child talk most around study, and speak of study, most parent asks achievement is good blindly again, the mark is high. To the thing that likes in child heart however not express an opinion, strangle directly even check. Questionnaire mirrors the parent that has 11% only to be able to talk about their be fond of with the child more or less, more parents won't choose such topic. Additional, different to the view of the thing, processing problem kind is different, also became close child between the reason that cannot communicate. 
When producing conflict with different opinion of parents, the child deflection of one is subject to first, first 2, the child of 3 chooses mostly first silent, minority chooses utterance or the revolt of degree differs on behavior. Such writing have a child, face the distrust of father mother, the method of my only is silent. I am silent, they think I was subject to, chatter won't perpetually. I want to do, they do not agree, it is good that I and they do not have a word say. Look, of children silent also be by " force " . 
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