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English of new outline university list of 6 class vocabulary
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English of new outline university list of 6 class vocabulary

Abbreviation N. Memorandum, abbreviate, shortenAbide Vt. Abide by Vt. BearAbolish Vt. Abolish, cancelAbsent A. Those who pay no attention toAbsorption N. Absorb; DedicatedAbstract A. Theoretic N. AbstractAbsurd A. Unreasonable, absurdAbundance N. Rich, abundantAccessory N. Accessory A. AccessaryAccord N. Harmonic, accord with; AgreementAcknowledge Vt. Admit; Inform receiveAcquaint Vt. Make know, make understandAction N. Action; ClueAdhere Vi. Conglutinate; Follow; Hold toAdjacent A. Adjacent; Of back-to-back moveAdjoin Vt. Press close to, adjacent; Stand byAdjustable A. Adjustable, but of calibrationAdministration N. Bureau (or arrange, place)Admiration N. Admire; Praise, envyAdoption N. Foster; Adopt, adoptAdore Vt. Adore; Like very muchAdvantageous A. Advantageous, of conduceAdvertise Vt. Announcement Vi. Put an advertisementAdvocate N. Apologist Vt. SupportAerial A. Airy; AerialAerospace N. Aviation and astronavigation spaceAffirm Vt. Say or state with certainty, approval; ConfirmAgitation N. Agitate, stir-fry before stewing is moved; ChurnAgreeable A. Satisfied; AgreeAlas Int. Alas, alasAlbum N. Stickup book; Album; AnthologyAlert A. Vigilant; ActiveAlgebra N. AlgebraicAlien A. Foreign N. ForeignerAlignment N. Alignment; Form an alliance, jointlyAllied A. Of combination; AlliedAllowance N allowance, accessorial costAlongside Prep. Be in... on the sideAlly N. Allied country, confederate, companionate

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