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English structure sentence pattern 200 beautiful line
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The foreign language learns- - English structure sentence pattern 200 beautiful line
T1. According To A Recent Survey, four Million People Die Each Year From Diseases Linked To Smoking. An investigation with T the closest according to, have 4 every year, 000, 000 people die at the disease that concerns with smoking.

T2. The Latest Surveys Show That Quite A Few Children Have Unpleasant Associations With Homework. The investigation with the closest T shows child of quite a few is right good impression of homework it doesn't matter.

T3. No Invention Has Received More Praise And Abuse Than Internet. T does not have an invention to be praised so much and be criticized like Internet at the same time.

T4. People Seem To Fail To Take Into Account The Fact That Education Does Not End With Graduation. People ignored T it seems that education should not end fact of this be related as graduation.

T5. An Increasing Number Of People Are Beginning To Realize That Education Is Not Complete With Graduation. More and more T people begin to realize education cannot end as graduation.

T6. When It Comes To Education, the Majority Of People Believe That Education Is A Lifetime Study. T respecting is taught, major person thinks its are a lifetime study.

T7. Many Experts Point Out That Physical Exercise Contributes Directly To A Person's Physical Fitness. A lot of T experts point out physical training conduces to directly healthy.

T8. Proper Measures Must Be Taken To Limit The Number Of Foreign Tourists And The Great Efforts Should Be Made To Protect Local Environment And History From The Harmful Effects Of International Tourism. T should adopt proper measure to limit the amount of foreign tourist, protect local environment and history not to suffer the adverse effect of international tourism hard.

T9. An Increasing Number Of Experts Believe That Migrants Will Exert Positive Effects On Construction Of City. However, this Opinion Is Now Being Questioned By More And More City Residents, who Complain That The Migrants Have Brought Many Serious Problems Like Crime And Prostitution. More and more T experts believe to emigrate to have positive effect to urban construction. However, more and more townsman doubt this kind of statement however, they complain the laborer brought a lot of serious problems to the city, resemble commit a crime and walking the street.

T10. Many City Residents Complain That It Is So Few Buses In Their City That They Have To Spend Much More Time Waiting For A Bus, which Is Usually Crowded With A Large Number Of Passengers. A lot of T citizens complain urban bus is too little, so that they want to spend a bus such as a long time, and the likelihood on the car already was fully loaded with a passenger.
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11.There Is No Denying The Fact That Air Pollution Is An Extremely Serious Problem: The City Authorities Should Take Strong Measures To Deal With It. T is not had can deny, air pollution is an extremely serious problem: Urban authorities should adopt strong step to solve it.
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