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The demit language of the commonly used recognition of bluff foreigner
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The foreign language learns individual ability Personal Qualities
Mature, dynamic And Honest. Thought maturity, know a thing or two, humanness is honest.
Excellent Ability Of Systematical Management. Have extremely strong systematic government ability.
Ability To Work Independent1y, mature And Resourcefu1. Can become independent capability of maturity of the job, thought, meet an emergency is strong.
A Person With Ability Plus Flexibility Should App1y. Need is capable to reach the person with comfortable strong stress.
A Stable Personality And High Sense Of Responsibility Are Desirable. Individual character is sedate, have high sense of responsibility.
Work Well With A Multi-cultural And Diverse Work Force. Can work outstandingly below the setting of different culture and staff member.
Bright, aggressive Applicants. The applicant with fast, enterprising reaction.
Ambitious Attitude Essential. Have lofty aspirations and great ideals.
Initiative, independent And Good Communication Skill. Capability of active and active, substantive work is strong, have good intercourse technical ability.
Willing To Work Under Pressure With Leardership Quality. Be willing to work below pressure, have leader quality.
Willing To Assume Responsibilities. Applicant must be brave in to carry weight.
Mature, self-motivated And Strong Interpersonal Skills. Thought maturity, the urge for improvement is strong, possess extremely rich human relation skill.
Energetic, fashion-minded Person. Driving, thought is trendy.
With A Pleasant Mature Attitude. Optimistic and mature.
Strong Determination To Succeed. Have the sturdy resolution that scores a success.
Strong Leadership Skills. Have extremely strong leader art.
Ability To Work Well With Others. Can work well together with other.
Highly-motivated And Reliable Person With Excellent Health And Pleasant Personality. The urge for improvement is strong reliable person, and healthy, disposition is optimistic.
The Ability To Initiate And Operate Independently. Have poineering capacity, can become independent the ground from course of study.
Strong Leadership Skill While Possessing A Great Team Spirit. Have very high leader art and very strong collective mind.
Be Highly Organized And Effecient. The job is very systimatic, handle affairs efficiency is tall.
Willing To Learn And Progress. Agree to learn enterprising.
Good Presentation Skills. Have good expressive capacity.
Positive Active Mind Essential. Have active, slick head.
Ability To Deal With Personnel At All Levels Effectively. Be good at be the same as all sorts of personnel contact with.
Have Positive Work Attitude And Be Willing And Able To Work Diligently Without Supervision. Have positive working attitude, be willing and can work conscientiously.
Young, bright, energetic With Strong Career-ambition. Young, clever, energetic, have very strong enterprise.
Good People Management And Communication Skills. Team Player. Have good staff management and intercourse capacity. Can be the first in the play in collective action.
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