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Avoid to learn 10 errors of English
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The foreign language learns

Grammar thinks first before word of syntactic in the van, writing, grammar of for fear that is wrong, this gives a student one of the most serious sequela that stay for the English education with school formalist classroom.

Psychological fear is understood dare not talk more, read discomfort to also dare be not written, grammar of for fear that is wrong those who bring about mentally is awe-stricken, think English is enigmatic knowledge, think the thinking means of English teacher just is the train of thought with correct only, fostered a lot of exams to be divided high, and use the abnormal student with feebleminded English truly.

Learn to not have send using study English is not to apply and be conveyed, mix for the exam however pass a barrier, then motive goes slanting is to learn morer as a result, lose morer; Did not turn English into oneself to convey his, with the true tool of person communication, get half the result with twice the effort, waste oneself time and money.

Backward stale learned many antique English. Any languages are " vivid " language, developing use of new / of lexical / intent to wait everyday, be in ceaseless and rich, progress ceaselessly, say from this meaning, the language that learns stale is without new move not to say, basic nowhere is usable.

Urgent need random medical science is not little the person falls in the case of urgent need English, be forced bolt, sick chaos drops medical service, no matter the school learns a method to whether suit his, going up to say again first, analysis of choice lack reason and think, it is good that can the effect also have many it is thus clear that?

Speech is non-standard speech special " China " the characteristic that is many English learner, the pronunciation that the reason is audition internationalization is too little, what language of the pronunciation in English teacher of China has felt is really finite, await them to rise with its so, be inferior to spanning they (in speech respect) the personage study that is English to mother tongue more.

Usage does not enter the language that sheds not not not fresh, fashionable, humor humour is not the language that we should learn, do not enter stream, the linguistics that does not divide a circumstance useless Wu Zhi is in, why to learn it to use?

These foreign language institutes have the foreign language college of idolatrous China really very long history, seasoned professor teacher, but the limitation that also has them, teaching material stale, idea stale, method stale is their common fault and deadly defect.

The illusion accomplishs a lot of people in one move to imagine crash English ace, perhaps be to learn too for a long time, effects too do not become direct ratio, the person that has such airy tendency so is more, airy rate is later, airy pattern also emerges in endlessly more.

Expectation tall tuition raises study result external cause to carry action of internal cause happening, study language is not exceptional also. Many people in reality, do not think those who pass hardships to pay want to learn a language, the hope is bigger as a result, disappointment is bigger.
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