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Study abroad study diction is commonly used dictionary
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Academic Year: Form the unit of school year, be like: Semester, term.

Academic Advisor: By the school medium professor or employee are held the position of, help the adviser of problem of student school work.

Accreditation: The qualification is approbated. Whether is the school that application of special attention place answers when applying for the school concerned mechanism is approbated.

Admission: License of enter a school.

Advanced Placement: When applying for American university, by takes an exam or can turn credit (Transfer Credit) and enter directly big one, big 2, big 3 or big 4.

Advanced Standing: With Advanced Placement.

Associate Degree: Deputy baccalaureate. Control community college two on the place after graduating for high school years (Community College) or control a college two years (Two-year College) sends degree.

Audit: Audit. Without credit, exam, but demand cost and be born formally identical.

Bachelor's Degree: Baccalaureate. Make the degree that college graduate place obtains by 4 years.

Baccalaureate Degree: Baccalaureate. Make the degree that college graduate place obtains by 4 years.

Bursar: The finance affairs of the school reachs accounting department.

Bulletin: Billing, announcement. Normally school curriculum introduces catalog to also call Bulletin.

Campus: Campus, campus

Candidate Notification Date: The school announces his to apply for the date of the decision of the result to the student.

Candidate Reply Date: Return case time. A date that major school can appoint, this the student must inform whether the school wants enter a school before day.

College Catalog: The school introduces list.

Community College: The community college that controls two years.

Competitiveness: Of the school emulative; More competitive school is spent on behalf of the difficulty of application taller.

Conditional Admission: Namely conditional type enter a school; Some schools can should not to the condition (it is English ability did not amount to a standard normally) license of student condition type, stay the course that its build place to need only then can begin formally to repair degree.

Cooperative Education Plan: Build teach collaboration the plan; The student can go to school at the same time pursue relevant job at the same time, or it is course, job by turns, or it is course, job undertakes at the same time. General this kind of plan wants a flower 5 years to obtain bachelor's degree. Like that the compasses because of the immigration office is ordered, foreign student is so rarer this kind of opportunity.

Core Course: Be those who obtain college degree is mandatory open knowledge headings in an account book, only a few school does not have this requirement. Normally mandatory course divides kinds big: Natural, society, with the humanities, need to repair in kinds every are big before graduation learn a mark certainly completely, general most is in big one or big the 2 course that build this kind.
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