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Common public symbol and specification
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The foreign language learns Business Hours business hours
Office Hours office hours
Entrance enters the mouth
Exit exit
Push is pushed
Pull is pulled
Shut blind alley
On is opened (put)
Off closes
Open does business
Pause pauses
Stop is shut
Closed comes off work
Menu menu
Fragile is brittle
This faces This Side Up on
Introductions explains
One Street is one-way
Keep Right/Left leans left / right
Buses Only allows a bus to pass only
Wet Paint paint did not work
Danger danger
Lost and Found Office of Lost And Found
Go ahead of the rest of Give Way express
Safety First safety first
Filling Station gas station
No Smoking prohibits smoking
No Photos does not take a picture please
Stop of No Visitors tourist
No Entry no admittance
No Admittance idler is avoided into
No Honking prohibits crying horn
Parting park
Toll Free passes through freely
F.F. Speed
Rew. Take
EMS (is postal) express delivery
Insert Here here is inserted
Open of Open Here here
Split Here here is torn apart
Mechanical Help car is repaired
"AA " Film14 year old ban below see a movie
Do Not Pass prohibits overtake
No U-turns of No U Turn
U Turn Ok is OK U Z bend
Prohibit cycling inside school of No Cycling In The School
Signal of SOS urgent ask for help
Hands Wanted invite applications for a job
Staff Only locates a worker originally special
No Litter is not thrown in disorder sundry
Hands Off is not felt with the hand please
Keep Silence keeps quiet
On Sale is on sale
No Bills forbids paste
Excuse me of Not For Sale does not sell
Pub hotel
Cafe cafe, chophouse
Bar wine cling to
Laundry cleaner's
Travel Agency travel agent
In Shade park is shady and cool place
Keep In Dark Place avoids light is saved
Poison is poisonous / drugs
Guard Against Damp is moistureproof
Beware Of Pickpocket bewares thief
Box of Complaint Box opinion
Put out a fire of For Use Only In Case Of Fire is special
Bakery bakery
Keep Dry keeps dry
Information information desk
No Passing no entry
No Angling forbids go angling
Shooting Prohibited prohibits hunting
Check the number of Seat By Number is entered
Protect Public Propety cherishs public property
Ticket Office(or: Booking Office) booking office
Guest of Visitors Please Register is registered
Wipe Your Shoes And Boots obliterates please the clay on the shoe
Men"s/Gentlemen/Gents Room men's lavatory
Women"s/Ladies/Ladies" Room women's lavatory
Occupied (toilet) somebody
Vacant (toilet) unmanned
Commit No Nuisance prohibits pee
Net(Weight) is suttle
MAN: 25032002 birth date: On March 25, 2002
EXP: 25032002 failure period: On March 25, 2002
Admission Free enters freely
Bicycle park of Bike Park(ing) bicycle
Woman of Children And Women First, children is first
Save Food managing commissariat
Save Energy managing the sources of energy
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