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Practical spoken language 118
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Foreign language study 1. Absolutely Not. Not be absolutely.
2.Are You Coming With Me? Do you go together with me?
3.Are You Sure? Are you affirmative?
4.As Soon As Possible. As soon as possible.
5.Believe Me. Believe me.
6.Buy It. Buy!
7.Call Me Tomorrow. Will phone me tomorrow.
8.Can You Speak Slowly? Ask you to say some slower?
9.Come With Me. Come with me.
10.Congratulations. Congratulation congratulation.
11.Do It Right! Do it right.
12.Do You Mean It? Are you take seriously?
13.Do You See Him Often? Do you often see him?
14.Do You See It? = Do You Understand? Did you understand?
15.Do You Want It? Do you want?
16.Do You Want Something? What do you want?
17.Don ' T Do It. Do not want to do.
18.Don ' T Exaggerate. Not exaggerative.
19.Don ' T Tell Me That. Do not tell me.
20.Give Me A Hand. Help me.
21.Go Right Ahead. Go forth all the time.
22.Have A Good Trip. Wish journey is happy.
23.Have A Nice Day. Wish you one day to have a good time.
24.Have You Finished? Did you finish?
25.He Doesn ' T Have Time. He is done not have empty.
26.He Is On His Way. He had gone up in the road now.
27.How Are You Doing? How do you do?
28.How Long Are You Staying? How long should you stay?
29.I Am Crazy About Her. I am infatuate to her.
30.I Am Wasting My Time. I expend time in billow.
31.I Can Do It. I can be done.
32.I Can ' T Believe It. I can believe scarcely.
33.I Can ' T Wait. I cannot wait again.
34.I Don ' T Have Time. I do not have time.
35.I Don ' T Know Anybody. My person is not known.
36.I Don ' T Like It. I do not like.
37.I Don ' T Think So. I think is not.
38.I Feel Much Better. I feel a lot of.
39.I Found It. I was found.
40.I Hope So. My hope is such.
41.I Knew It. I am early knew.
42.I Noticed That. I noticed.
43.I See. I understood.
44.I Speak English Well. My English says very well.
45.I Think So. I consider as such.
46.I Want To Speak With Him. I want to talk with him.
47.I Won. I won.
48.I Would Like A Cup Of Coffee, please. Give me a cup of coffee please.
49.I ' M Hungry. I am starved to death.
50.I ' M Leaving. I should go.
51.I ' M Sorry. I am sorry.
52.I ' M Used To It. I was used to.
53.I ' Ll Miss You. I can miss you.
54.I ' Ll Try. I have a try.
55.I ' M Bored. I am very dull.
56.I ' M Busy. I am very busy.
57.I ' M Having Fun. I play very happily.
58.I ' M Ready. I am ready.
59.I ' Ve Got It. I understood.
60.I ' Ve Had It. I suffer enough.
61.It ' S Incredible! Really fab!
62.Is It Far? Very far?
63.It Doesn ' T Matter. Irrespective.
64.It Smells Good. Smell very sweet.
65.It ' S About Time. Be moment.
66.It ' S All Right. Irrespective.
67.It ' S Easy. Very easy.
68.It ' S Good. Very good. 
69.It ' S Near Here. Very close from this.
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