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The reach word that come should attend some of class- - elegant think of G kind
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After English of the university entrance exam was written on October 29 to know a mark today eye one excavate, ascend elegant think of official website, today is to know to took an exam on October 15 the day of achievement, the mark of I and husband is passed, one a book from heaven had not seen fiercer husband also be taken an examination of average 5.5 minutes, write some of experience so talk about a hope to be able to be helped elegant consider immigrant kind.

1, actually Yasaipei example kind if come,the school can teach you exam skill inside short time only reach or should attend some of class, we attended a few classes only, if do not have time,some of course downloads on the net enough also.

2, tell the truth elegant it is not difficult to think of, if resemble me,husband is using English at ordinary times in that way do not have really necessary very afraid, say hearing now, audition takes extension well the most easily to must look very useful also want those who notice a few days watch hearing finally to forecast do a key to review; Spoken language, of every room same a the teacher's problem is basic and same, you can differ the problem that asks same room the fellow student that come out according to time, if do not have a condition other room is OK also and average the 2nd Topic is basic and identical, spoken language is the most crucial is enthusiastic to taking an examination of an official, before going in greet sb actively greet a few, let him feel you are not to take an exam to chat however. For instance the first part mentions official of my take an examination ofing I did not listen to Cloth clear, he lugs his clothes actively however, estimating this is go in with me greeting result concerns; is to read next need not see a book want to know some what is inscribed only model go, g kind reading the first the 2nd part to inscribe is advertisement and problem of simple life common sense certainly and search to be able to find the answer to be done casually do also can achieve 5 minutes, the 3rd part is some difficulty but if your fractional demand is not high,you can put main strength of an army advanced two parts assure accuracy rate. As to composition time it is very close, ten million attention is not recited and borrowed the article mark of others won't be high.

3, talk finally review, I used 3 days, I already 6 years trashy English and the job is very busy, look without care elegant think of audition machine classics, read the book of Mr. WILL, regard language exercise problems to want how to be written, a few days look finally forecast.

The roast duck that wishs an exam finally people pass!

More information asks a visit: Channel of sina English exam

Do not explain especially: Adjust of the circumstance ceaselessly as a result of each respect with change, all exam information that place of net of Seek You family education provides offers reference only, please the official news that examinee announces with authoritative branch is accurate.
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