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Pressure gives me power- - prepared two weeks to take next GMAT740 fraction
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English of the university entrance exam takes an exam this morning, GMAT, be in last minutes, after having not enough time fraughtly to pick the key of next SC because of concern, sucked greatly at a heat, proceed.

It is the problem with a string of polite and clinking ETS next, the in fear and trembling in the heart, want to know an outcome quickly, pressing Proceed rapidly then.

Eventually, saw oneself result: Quantitive 50(95%) Verbal 39(89%) Overall 740(98% )

The first thought at that time is, TMD need not reexamination, can save below 2100 money.

The bottom line that I decide to oneself is 700, best can have 750.

I know, 740, it is an average score only (with China countless big oxen are compared rise) . But, two weeks before, I just just finish Verbal, the composition inscribes a library to had not looked together.

Accordingly, I am basic and satisfactory oneself today's expression, can hit 80 minutes.

Two weeks, especially finally 6 days, it is Tartarean and same day really. I begin 6 days to do finally Gwd and review a composition (because had taken an examination of GRE, composition 5, have) of bit of a copy kept as a record so, the biggest plainting is how one day has 24 hours only! And the person should sleep unexpectedly! And how cannot I also change to sleep the defect of lie-in, do not get up to 9:30. 13 GWD add a new problem, one the maddest day is being connected did 5 VERBAL and a QUANTITIVE, lunch has eaten among, dinner, lay on the ground to break down quarter, believe firmly oneself return strong energy of life, climb to continue to do then.

Have little experience, want to share with everybody:)

1, about SC: This is me most headaching part. Because did not go up to coach eastward too newly class (I read aloud GRE last summer, did not read aloud GMAT) , and the data that before September at hand does not have any teaching materials and so on, be in condition of find oneself at a loss so. Develop badly also among the exam. Nevertheless, still have the law actually but abide, if time is abundant, had better see the teaching materials of new east first, do OG next, summarize complex problem, thematic classify, parallel correspondence is parallel, compare correspondence; OK also and transverse classify, for instance So As To and So That sentence pattern are put together. The biggest gain of classify is the train of thought giving a title that can see ETS. Gwd and OG train of thought are a bit different, OK also classify. When still have even if becoming a problem, OK and fore-and-aft view 5 option, see their distinction, can eliminate the simplest wrong option as soon as possible so, narrow range.

2, about logic: This part gives me greatest hope at the beginning. Because my correct rate is higher. But discovery is not stable. Had a bit experience slowly, if be base and base photograph,compare namely, so see growth number; If because of,have inside and outside, it is internal cause certainly so the most important.
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