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3 months time takes an examination of the rest grind how is English reviewed
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English of the university entrance examNetizen: Multitude excuse me teacher, prevent teacher, be in next a few months is much it is good to become a problem? Or is intensive reading good? Becoming a problem now is it is good to become a whole problem, be still minute of type? Be still aimed at a certain problem model it is better to do?

   Li Yong: I think to be in level does problem and con or should be united in wedlock now, because con is,improve the necessary process of English foundation. If be complete,cast con at present this link, become imitate problem and true problem directly entirely, premature, the time that can spend a month again considers those who have specific aim to become imitate problem and true problem.

   Du Zihua: Con is very important really. A moment ago spoke of how the problem of con, the amount that the student reads is very important. But read quality is more important, whether can manage namely give a train of thought, can fumble the way that gives an answering question to think, a lot of things should have a guiding ideology. I want to be in finally this period of time, in where do more and more respects put the energy that the may most important is examinee? Should put finally to come up to the assurance of true subject. Finally this period of time, become true problem for example, should become a problem, be still divided into each part to do? I talk about this problem simply now.

The first, examinee must the regulation according to examination time, every two, 3 days or a week is about to his be taken an examination of, strict will do according to time, such you are met gradually the requirement that is familiar with the bounteous degree of time of your each part answering question inside the time in the regulation and answering question speed. If the student often is not done so, did not control the capacity of time when take an exam, and in the process that becoming a problem, when taking an exam truly, the allocation that dominates time is very important. Student union asks the likelihood, how do I allot examination time? I feel best teacher is yourself. Do 10 when you, when 20 are inscribed really, when setting according to time, can fumble a where one part-time much spot, which one part-time a bit faster, which one part is a key, which one part is weak point, can do as soon as possible.

The 2nd, it is more important that one inscribes a problem to do, but also should have one share meanwhile of one part breach. For instance, the student is being done when reading understanding, the problem of author manner always is done bad, how to do? Must inscribe author manner 10 put together to 8, relapse look, why you are wrong, why you are right, what stuff can you locate finally? Had better have coach directive likelihood of the teacher is a bit easier, but yourself also can be accomplished, you can be found why your wrong train of thought in bad process is what thing. If the student does not change wrong train of thought, the mistake still can appear when that is answering new problem. So, the fault is in where when in how can holding he is wrong, wrong when be how to ponder over a fault, can do below this kind of circumstance right. If the student is right the composition is bad, it is small composition or big composition no matter, can have the do a crash job of the key, so last paragraphs of time, want to have a certain quantity of problem on one hand, must a complete set of inscribes what a complete set of inscribes to do, such your societies, went up after examination room, how to answer complete time allocates, the method of the speed of the strategy of answering question, answering question, answering question, at the same time the breach of even true have a definite object in view your weakness, because take an examination of,grind in the center, you are differred particularly on one hand which, inevitable meeting affects other side. When writing a composition for instance, often have a few stupid mistakes, how to overcome stupid mistake, became you to want the point of breach truly. So, make problem of a complete set of and make a breakthrough your weakness, how aggrandizement your weakness appears exceedingly important, two organic union, is to do a among them not merely.
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