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The flower of precocity not result
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The flower of precocity not result

Before before long, because suspect the student is loved early,Chongqing learns one classmaster in some, illicit look and publish student journal, be accused by the student court. This is love early to prevent, adopt " " a kind of means. Occupy Shenzhen additionally some newspaper report, a Liu surname father buys safety to cover for the son that loves early, face " abet son goes making a mistake " censure, father is forced forced smile. Compare afore-mentioned " " method, this father was adopted complete " scanty " .
Afore-mentioned processing technique remains deliberate, visible " love early " already became the issue of one great society that troubles the parent really. To how be being treated " love early " the child, the experience with practical what and method do you have?

Good impression is put aside did not have

Yang Xiaoru 23 years old of employees
Read tall temporarily I liked to go up the schoolboy of neighbour. I begin to keep a diary, notice to rise " figure " . Attentive father mother discovered my change.
When having a meal, they can tell an a few love stories when they are young, I did not have pair of gradually parents to scruple. Eventually, one day I told them the secret in the heart. Cannot think of, they not only without rebuke I, ask me instead this " boy " circumstance. Still say, since you like him, that continues to like to go down! Nevertheless you feel is to tell him now, still put in the heart, wait for high school to graduate to tell him later. " when the maths that is informed him when them is particularly good, tell jokingly " your maths is ineffective, how be compared with the family! " my what headache to the number all along resembling was to eat " medicinal powder benefit is painful " began to have good opinion to maths, of course achievement also all the way whirlwind rises.
After graduation, we go straight towards a thing each, also do not have an opportunity to say of course! Pa Mom tells me later, at the outset they are very urgent, but used stalling tactics, if go-getting word, can lose probably a lot of.

Do not monitor please me

Xu Naxue 21 years old of students
I ever also had had such a paragraph of feeling, get on that when the class highest the most beautiful boy puts forward to classes are over when wanting to send me to come home, my heart should jump out simply voice eye, such, we began romance " amative career " . Actually, I in those days am muddled, I have a lot of so called " love " doubt and mood want to be shared with the person, but more moment, I keep a diary.
But I discover mom to always can want to repair with the drawer however, the reason think of a way that changes a lock and so on tries the drawer that the ground opens me, flip through my diary this. I produced distrust move to mom immediately, want to pour out with her, the thought all of communication was done not have, and begin everywhere beware of she. My vigilance more the suspicion that added her, she begins to ask to send me to go to school, receive me to classes are over, receive the telephone call that hears me, with classmaster connection. But, I at that time am very traitorous, there is policy on her, I fall have the way to deal with a situation, oath general " subterranean affection " undertake after all, enter till me tall 3.
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