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Regal annual salary of 10 million employed tutor for the child interview succes
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The day before yesterday afternoon, on the first two days in order to recruit the 14-year-old son, a full-time tutor, a Hi-Tech enterprise in Shenzhen Mission Hills Golf Course manager in a villa in, held a secret "test", and has been initially "screening" of the four university graduates to interview and written test. The manager to the tutor out of the treatment is: a monthly salary of 7,000 yuan, but also food, accommodation. Later, a candidate of anonymity, told reporters, interview some difficulty, but only a written test in English and math middle school. Get the latest news yesterday, that were rich people on the outside of the 4 other Ming Xian Jiaotong University graduates "very desirable", specifically to the absence due to leave "test" of his a "make-up" opportunities. Agents that were rich Zhou said that the person did well, they will provide 12 million a year. Be the focus of college boys Aug. 30, Zhou has sent job advertisements, given that: "a monthly salary of 3,500 yuan, food, accommodation, have the effect you can pay." September 2, Zhou post again, saying there was no good candidates, it will be raised to 7,000 yuan monthly salary, well done can raise. This calculation, the annual income of full-time tutor is likely to reach 10 million. Requirements for the job, Mr. Zhou listed only about conditions: full-time tutor, focusing on male college graduates, can counseling and physical and chemical Yushu Wai junior, English pronunciation, children to school every day - the employer provides car. Reporters through an online contact phone number left by last week, Mr Chow told reporters, looking for a tutor is a Shenzhen hi-tech entrepreneurs, his son, second-year junior high school, grade point average. The boss wants his son to the development of the science, and admitted to the focus of high school in Shenzhen, so the network commissioned its own Join. Chow on the "treatment" quite confident and hope that job seekers, "there is no diamond porcelain do not embrace life." Mr Zhou said: "Graduation is a hard standard." Graduate school applicants sign more "big", the more likely get the chance. They will arrange for "examination" to study the specific ability of candidates. Mr. Zhou also said: "Some good tutor, you can also directly into the manager of the company, as his assistant." It is understood that the rich people of Hunan, to Shenzhen in the University after graduation, and now has a very rich family. Organizations "test" Regal drive a BMW then "candidates" into the villa Annual salary of 10 million employed tutor online news release should be those who gathered. The day before yesterday an interview with one of the candidates declined to be named, he will exclusively reveal the details of candidates to the newspaper reporter. Allegedly, more than 30 people applying for registration to get "test" the opportunity of only 4 people were graduated from the China University of Political Science, Zhongshan University, Xiamen University and Zhejiang University, both graduating students, there are two or three years of the previous school students. At about 3 pm the day before yesterday, they 4 Mission Hills Golf Course in the door waiting, and then received by a BMW car floor villa, drive name of the person it is that rich, that is the family name was, posting Zhou sat in the co-pilot position, Mr., who was allegedly Mission Hills high school teacher. The two parties have on the four candidates for the interview and written test. According to the candidates said, "test", the rich do not seem to find a satisfactory candidate, but also allow them to recommend some excellent students. Get the news reporters yesterday, the last phase of a wealthy graduate of Xi'an Jiaotong University, the person currently working in Shenzhen Airlines, and if he resigned well, rich would employ him to do this full-time tutor, the annual salary was 12 million. Hot friends Learning to rely on yourself User "Who Moved My Cheese": graduate hopes to teach a good boy, served to you. User "yewailaoren": junior high school curriculum, a mere trifle, asked why so high. Learning to rely on yourself, your sleep, too useless even to Einstein invited ah. How the examination conducted? First Interview 4 were the first to interview them by the rich and Chow that were common assessment. They should first be asked to show proof of the qualifications of the original, while the subsequent interview questions are also difficult. Someone asked: If a child arts not doing well, how do you make it happen within six months of fundamental change? Others asked: If a child angry you get in the door, how would you do? Interview "brush" of a previous 30-year-old students. After the written test Then enter the written part, and the remaining three candidates around a table around and do a question in English and a math problem. One, entitled English exam in 2008 in Shenzhen City, English questions, listening to recordings Chow coming down ahead of the phone, listen to the candidates answer, the difficulty of questions is not English. Math questions can all do out of the small, many people one or two empty title, the written test takes about half an hour. After the written test, candidates have been sent the villa BMW.
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