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Efficient way to learn is half the battle
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As we all know, learning is inseparable from the progress of the sweat, but the same pay, because the study used different methods, but results will be different! So, what kind of learning is more effective? To this end, the author interviewed Zhuo Teacher education institutions more trump card, superior commitment to classes in the examination supervisor Tsai, for the majority of students over to help him. Tsai said: Wen / Liu Weining Limited time tend to "weak" Compared with the strong discipline, the students put the same energy to vulnerable subjects, generally have greater room for improvement, learning rate of return will be higher. Therefore, students usually have to learn the limited study time favor a weaker school Branch, so that the various disciplines to enhance the level of equilibrium, "high return" of learning can help you to success. Good at "borrowing" more with less "Behind closed doors" learning method is obsolete, the brightest students to be adept at using a different force: leveraging the students, the students find the results slightly better than their own "imaginary enemy", to stimulate competition in the stimulation of your Morale and potential! Leveraging teacher, master's instructions in a timely manner, study the effect of natural efficiently. Leveraging parents, parents involved in your learning in the past. Parents are children's first teachers, know how to use the "wrong question to collect cards" with the parents of a child to learn is the best teacher! "Wrong title collection of cards," Learning Teaching is characteristics of excellence in education, parents can help their children use to collect, organize their daily learning the wrong questions, reducing the error rate of recidivism, but also can promote communication between parents and children so that children learn more confident, more dynamic Force. Leveraging community, usually, the teacher is not teaching the child a choice, and can not be done in large classes everyone individualized. At this time, with the teaching resources in society is particularly important. As if Excellence in education, you can choose your teacher, you can also enroll in the actual situation of different disciplines, different types of classes. "Give special classes" for your timely help, "ordinary course" Network access for you, "pointed Sub-classes "to make you better," promise classes "allows you to Swordsman. Learning school extension will effectively help you solve the" dominant disciplines hungry, vulnerable subjects could not eat, "the learning situation, will go a long way to you . Day of learning problem solving "Five more", meaning to think, write more, see more, more practice, ask. To think, is the preview must have a clear purpose, what new knowledge point, the focus where where such difficulties, targeted pre- Learning is half the battle. To write, is we must do more notes in class, "good memories than bad written," not only strengthen your memory and understanding of knowledge, but also allows you to better focus further enhance the L classroom learning efficiency. To look at, is simply more well-read, by browsing a large number of examples of different reference books to get other people's problem-solving experience, vision opened up, learning more easily. More training, is the purpose of application, solution Knowledge of problem is to verify that the best way, but it does not mean "sea." Problem must be targeted, such as excellence in education lectures, teaching requirements will be based on the annual changes and trends in the different test continuously adjusted This is a very good supplementary material. Ask, that is, once problems are detected, must be timely advice to the students and teachers, such as the teacher's explanation that the lack of relevance, can also turn to social forces, such as the Excellence in Education A dedicated tutor team, all tutors will be students, answer, to enable students to solve today's problems today, effectively avoid the avalanche effect of learning to ensure that further enhance the level of student learning. The sweat is half the battle, and efficient way to learn is half the success! Learn from the experience of others, combined with their own situation, together, put into practice, you will learn faster, learn more Good! If you have any comments on this column, or questions, please call 020-34401000 outstanding team of experts to consult and exchange.
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