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Beiyuan Primary School PTA extraordinary wisdom
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Recently, Beiyuan primary school playground, parents of more than 1,300 students moved from the classroom stool, opened his outdoor "thousands of the General Assembly." Beiyuan day's activities are primary schools, primary schools Xin Fan, Chang rural primary school education, organized jointly by the Community "My tutor wisdom" forum. Representatives of the three schools of the parents came to share their own "tutor wisdom", Jinhua of Family Education and Research Council expert on the spot tutoring fresh cases those made comments. Beiyuan Primary One (3) Hong Yi Rui class parents to share with you the first stage of her parenting. "Many parents may Altman nose, I was once one of them." She said, the content of these discs, is nothing more than a humanoid monster and some more strange shape of monster fighting, not art. Even inadvertently, will grow the child's violent tendencies, and the children are very much like Altman. How to make a child's motivation Altman? So she decided to look at these kids, "boring" discs. Mother said: "wow, good strong Altman ah!" Heard my mother say this, the child is more proud of, so endless talk in the Ottoman to the mother's story. "You know why they would become Ultraman it?" Mom asked. Children, said: "Because they ill." "What do you want in the future become the new Altman?" Mom said. "Of course, I want Jack Altman, in the future to protect earth, protect the mother." The boy said. Since then, the mother and the children agreed, can be seen every Saturday night, two episodes of Ultraman. Other times, he must learn, practice jumping rope, playing soccer with my dad exercise for the future to prepare for one day to become Ultraman. Hung Yi Rui mother's parental Heart Sutra, which lead to the next field warm applause from the parents. Family education expert reviews, praised this "fully reflects the wisdom of modern parents and make the best use of educational tutoring method." It is reported that Beiyuan Primary School has two parent forums have been held. From the first "Heart of My Child" to the second session of the "My tutor wisdom", the school has between efforts to promote home-school communication, exchanges, understanding and cooperation. "In fact, children need more education with the wisdom of parents to help them go in the early stages of life, more stable and practical. No matter what the situation, develop a normal, healthy, happy child, always better than to cultivate a 'superior' The kids are even more important. "Shi Yi Beiyuan new school principal, said at the Beiyuan Primary 'My tutor wisdom' Forum, is to build a platform for interaction between urban and rural parents to realize different cultural backgrounds in urban and rural areas under the Family Education experience sharing, shows the wisdom of a new era of education of parents.
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