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The family teachs 10 big errors
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● " as long as beside it is good that somebody is attended "

A lot of Chinese parents think the child wants only beside somebody is attended, good without danger. Actually from be born begin, the child needs to communicate with others: The look of skin contact, hug, attention, somebody and he talks... the child of some Chinese family is grown below the environment that did not pay close attention to, their meeting thinking is logy, lack

● regards the child as relative object

Chinese parents is concerned about face-saving, want to encourage the child again aspirant, often say then, you see family child much more diligent, achievement is much better. Compare the child of him child and others, can bring dissatisfaction and anguish to oneself only, hurt the child's proper pride again. This kind compares psychology to bring about the parent possibly also between get along hard.

● does not respect the child's privacy and right

A lot of parents are embracing traditional idea, think children belongs to parents, also do not respect the child's privacy and right. Then, not considered child is brought up to also do not know how to respect others later. Accordingly, parents enters filial room to should knock first, move or use what the child's thing should get him to allow, any drag in should exchange views with children first to filial decision etc.

● appoints development direction to the child

A lot of parents place the desire that he fail to come true on child body, force the child leaves toward the road of own set all the time. Although the child does not suit, also do not like. For example learns piano, for example goes abroad. Below these pressure, the family becomes joyless, close child harmonious relationship is sacrificed.

● regards study result as the finger of all expression

The achievement that is in the school does not represent everything, it is overall capacity, vigor, perseverance, disposition instead, just be the main factor that affects child future.

● thinks to rise early very good, sleeping is lazy

The child in growing needs sufficient sleep, but very much now child everyday Morpheus is not worth 8 hours. Morpheus inadequacy can affect growth, mental meeting drops.

● thinks the child should take full time study

Investigation shows, the child that often does housework compares a future life happiness alive. Through handling housekeeping, the child solves the ability of the problem to be able to increase, the setback can be faced quite after be brought up. Chinese parents learns to let the child, do not let the child do housework, also stripped his study job, partake the chance that responsibility and study face a problem.
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