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The life has classroom everywhere
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Artistic family education and life of family education information have classroom everywhere
 -- the grown young singer in lane
 saves bright water county in Heilongjiang school of the first elementary school, an all-round pupil calls Han Ying child, she this year although have 9 years old only, but be in bright water county had been a quite famous gas " young singer " . The Chinese adolescent last year is artistic on contest of new personality choose, she was contended for for home town person honorary, obtained little group gold prize. The Han Ying that just spends birthday of 9 one full year of life child, appearance is melting, bearing the weight of in a pair of eyes that can talk too much life harden oneself, make she looks than be the same as age the child is quiet, sensible --
The Han Ying that  was born 1995 child, two years old when parents leaves other. From now on, she depends on each other with the grandfather of old, grandma. 3 rely on a grandfather every months only 206 yuan of scanty pension come keep the pot boiling. Han Ying child premature savor the hardship of the life, also experienced the pains of the grandma. Begin from 6 years old, small greet child fall in the help of the grandma, learned arrange housework, resemble an adult like fold bedding, clean sanitation, cook brush a bowl, seam wash the dress.
 is greeted in Han child before, the grandma is firm forever, face the home of this in utter destitution, confront sickish husband, face curious granddaughter, she uses the power of oneself, propping up this home tenaciously. For keep the pot boiling, the school work of not bedraggled child. The autumn, the potato that the grandma was taking prong to rise to others home goes to stroll potato in the ground, offer the edible in a winter; In the winter, grandma one big early rise, taking furnace hook and bamboo basket to go out to choose coal nucleus, be afraid that acquaintance sees joke, she is wearing cotton cap and guaze mask. Come down winter, the grandma saves defray for the family more than 500 yuan. Grandma constant ground of sincere words and earnest wishes is greeted to Han child say, "The child, as a child you are about to lay the foundation prison. It how is difficult to no matter live,have, you must do well study. Above all, you are about to be an upright person well as a child, do a good granddaughter that has prospect. You have prospect, it is the biggest give presents to the grandma! It is the biggest give presents to the grandma!!
After  classeses are over everyday, sensible small greet child complete work first, subsequently, begin to help a grandma do chore, she already became this family truly " small host " .
 Han Ying child it is a very gifted young talented woman, like a show very much as a child. Difficult family financial situation, did not mask Han Ying child artistic ability. , she is shown piece extremely strong imitate ability, should hear singing only she is met happy to dance, accordingly hum
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