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Parent school gives new device to teach by correspondence study is welcome
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Artistic family education and new term of family education information term begins, jiangsu is saved east the parents that stage city learns Chen Jiahao's classmate in An Feng is special from hit building site Guangdong to drive country coming home, they say: "Must send the child to report for duty personally this year go to school, thank to the school and teacher face to face, thank them through teaching by correspondence parent school reports the child in time to us in school case, directive us how " remote control " educational child. Thanks to seasonable side teachs the school and teacher, my home child is infatuated with an Internet bar to bring about study to drop, helped the child, later without giving thought to much much busier, tiredder, this teachs by correspondence we hold to parent school certainly on, on one hand the good method that we can acquire a few teaching in home, held to at the same time, also be to give the child to make a model. Also be to give the child to make a model..
The marriage that  parent school is education of the school, society, family is nodded, come for years, stage city installs abundant middle school to take seriously east run good parent school, make full use of parent school this carrier, the connection of close parent and school, the policy of policy for education that publicizes a country extensively to the parent and the great and real significance that strengthen and improve construction of minor thought morality, impart the family teachs knowledge, help parent improves educational method, raise a family to teach quality and actual effect, to breed " 4 have " new personality, improve the quality of teenage student in the round, play family teachs due action. But because the student comes from each whole town villages and towns, the family lives dispersive, a lot of parents arrive normally hard school attend parent school to learn. Contradict to solve this, through a few years fumble practice, this school walked out of to fabricate parent school teaching material oneself, begin teach by correspondence the education of education is new way.
 teachs by correspondence to assure parent school of education begin normally, they award the foundation of education to go up in fixed face, build in the round teach by correspondence student one's status as a student runs a system, teach by correspondence for every student builds card of one's status as a student, outside the basic message such as rate of account parent full name, sexual distinction, age, literacy is being divided inside card, still be opposite parents education target of children, requirement, and parent student people of every semester in school study the circumstance has detailed account. On education means, they will make up teaching material and schoolteaching abstract print and distribute to give the parent oneself regularly, by each parent basis oneself is specific circumstance, master study time independently neatly, the result that will study inside formulary time is experienced, and the proposal that teachs teacher and student to the school, seasonable feedback gives the parent the school. Of parent school make up teaching material content to cover a range oneself wide, follow closely the current situation, student of close press close to is actual, involve record of patriotism education, network civilization education, abide by the square field surface that the family such as abide by the law education teachs, have stronger readability, can learn gender and maneuverability.
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