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From stay up late the habit sees disposition
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From stay up late the habit sees disposition
If pass two days, you are about to take an examination, you stay up late desperately read a book. Sleep however demon is annoyed ceaselessly, how can you overcome intense drowsiness at that time?
1. first nap a little while, continue to read a book again after a while.
2. puts music to listen, the edge sings an edge to read a book accordingly.
3. eats bubble surface, snack, eat fastfood.
The answer:
Choose 1, the person that you are an extreme, not be complete surrender, add full horse power to go all out in work after all namely. However, have hopeful with the beginning that having self-confident nature already was a success.
Choose 2, to worldly thing, your habit is faced with hopeful, pure state of mind. But in complicated social life, human relation often makes you most vexed.
Choose 3, the capability that you get used to reality is very strong, have the eye of a cut above others, believe you can have good performance on the job.

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