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Indecisive become hard big implement
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Indecisive become hard big implement
Ceng Fasheng passes a such works. The tree that a lumberjack is left unfortunately when cutting by cut down pressed ham, bleed more than. He knows very well, if will be not pressed in the large tree on ham to carry away, allow blood stream goes down, will because of exsanguine and overmuch and get killed. The tree that he thinks to will be pressed on the leg with electric saw curiums carry away, but, how short of purpose. How to do? Situation is urgent in he makes a prompt decision, curium oneself ham with electric saw. Result how? Ham desertioned, but life is protected.
"Make a prompt decision, do not get its chaos. " what this lumberjack place has is decision-making and decisive it is a kind of precious character character. But, in actual life has a lot of people to be in for lack of this kind of fine quality the moment of truth is hesitant, dilatory, indecisive, send the big inning that misses a success eventually and end in order to fail.
So, be what reason makes those people indecisive?
Because this kind of person is right,this is thing, a kind of active consciousness, active to working scarcity manner, when they are choosing action end, understand its important significance not quite, also do not understand possible consequence, often be be swayed by considerations of gain and loss.
Indecisive person is right thing, lack cogitative consideration to working to still be met normally. Imagine very hard, a person that always is fribble to what thing pertly can have decision-making and decisive quality. Additional, lack is independent, self-confident, always cannot appear in other with the manner of a kind of critically sex before.
As to the those pairs of things, understanding that lacks overall situation to the job and judgement, cannot consider the situation, cannot hold the person of problem purpose crucial point, the action of themselves lacks the quality of wisdom, either fribble is indecisive, they go with respect to what have a success impossibly at all qualitative -- decisive and brave.
Indecisive the archenemy that is person success, it makes the person loses the chance of a lot of successes.
Generally speaking, want somewhat factitive person is won't hesitant. This kind of person regards life is struggling life, always want to do advantageous to the society thing, always think oneself develop a bit weller, do not be afraid of difficulty consequently, also not Wei is hard, be in those who encounter difficulty, be about to go all out decisively when arduous thing, go wrestle one wrestle, this kind of person is to will never lie in a bed of down to sit enjoy off-the-peg good fortune.
Altruistic person is won't indecisive. " add An Xianwen newly " say well: "The road before be swayed by considerations of gain and loss is narrow, the bottom of the heart is altruistic world is wide. " if one individual consideration problem is,set out from me, set out from oneself fame and gain, so, when he handles an issue, wolf of tiger, fear after the event is afraid of before inevitable meeting, be in decision-making when, always think of that terrible consequence, always think of in case the influence of the to oneself future outside sending the trade, if a person always is in such condition, sure when taking a decision it is indecisive, cannot fall to be determined tardy, and often be after making a decision, go back on his word again.
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