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Talk with calligrapher write
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Feng Meixia of female calligrapher of artistic family education and Nanjing of family education information passes artistic to calligraphy persistent pursuit and assiduous explore to grind for years, fumble give a kind of system, quick, common book to write a method, collect in " introduction of good drawing calligraphy " in one book. This book is the study method of an effective that the author gives from the summary in old calligraphy practice and teaching experience, the respect such as the common law of the relation of style of looks of pen of within one's grasp and line, relation of line and strokes and Chinese character structure formed what get to see. Because she is right,be obsessed with, come for years the pen does not stop n cultivated land, teaching with the proper method, get parent of student, student and calligraphy fan reputably. She thinks to write is breathed language, the all the time is not passing one the individual's temperament, spirit and culture. Because this kind of good book writes a method, the proceed with means of a kind of extraordinary, a kind of as disparate as traditional teaching book writes a concept to be able to write abecedarian ability to go up to rise quickly in the book. A few days ago, the reporter interviewed Feng Meixia through hot line 025-85156294. 
One, ask: How can ability write skill good word? 
Answer: This question is very big. Respecting writes everybody can think of calligraphy is artistic immediately. Yes, actually they have the distinction on administrative levels. Calligraphy two wordbook: It is written meaning; Law: It is law and method. The premise that writes good word so is how good write. Namely the person wants natural and forceful, word relaxed and fluent. 
2, ask: Is the child written now on existence what problem? 
Answer: Now of the child write the pose makes a person can care. (1) bows, lowering one's head already was common phenomenon; (2) exerts oneself to do sth. refuse to budge, join is difficult between strokes, amlposition of carry pen means, rate is sluggish, as a result of these problems, write to the student brought very big obstacle, had solved these problems, to the student comes to those who say real significance to go up to decrease negative. 
3, ask: Where is the source that creates student pose mistake? 
Answer: (1) parent hopes children will have a bright future the heart is cut is the first killer that causes child pose error. (2) part school, nursery school is written guide and education, lack of persons qualified to teach. 
When general child is 34 years old, be in the home or be taught by the parent or teacher in nursery school how to catch a pen. If the method is proper, of course the question is not big, once take an error, use dead cling to cling to line goes completing a few so called words and art work, the carry pen ability that affects child lifetime likely. Those who learn is the earliest often not be best, those who say is this truth. Skeletal need health of the child grows, do the training of the motion of respect of a few physical ability and respect of be good at head, observation lives, approach natural, development eye shot is the most beneficial to the child the work that does not pass. Here special warn the parent, want to train state of mind rightly, value education approach. 
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