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Is the sky of blue?
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Artistic family education and sunshine of family education information are the mixture of all sorts of rainbow. When it passes through earthly aerosphere, aeriform element and colour of dirt particle scattering. The wavelengh with these colour the shortest have the aid of is the easiest scattering. Because the shortest light wave shows blue, accordingly, when we are looking at a sky, the sky is blue.

Before why cheering cheers?
Once upon a time, people thinks the devil can appear in convivial and festival circumstance at any time, but can walk along a devil with ring drive. Accordingly, convivial person cheers runs with producing similar ring to frighten devil.

Why button male left and right sides female left?
To facilitate the most person of idiomatic right hand pushs the button to left button aperture from right, man garment is buckled seam in right. When using a button at first, the button is very expensive, basically be wealthy person is used. Woman of riches and honour is amah wears the dress to her normally, lackey face dresses to her to host take, accordingly, tailor seams the button in dress left -- the right of amah.

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