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Careful carry fine choose family education software
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For the family that artistic family education and family education information are opposite a lot of is to child learning needs and purchase computer, face the family education software of full of beautiful things in eyes, how does the choose and buy go out to let the child learn practically already, let the software that they learn scientificly again?
At present the family education software on market presses type cent, basically have 3 kinds: The first kind is the software that presses education outline and work out of active teaching material strictly, copy textbook has a corresponding software, its specific aim and practical stronger, be equivalent to accompanying the tutor beside at any time. The 2nd kind is the software of the education that inscribe a library that organizes by education plan, carry much exercise in school work, deepen the memory to knowledge and understanding, they still include commonly problem analysis and explain. This kind of type resembles little test of the exercise after the class or imitate a little. The 3rd kind is integrated kind of family education software, knowledge of be in harmony of this kind of software and recreation are an organic whole, contain teachs Yu Le, the person that let use acquires knowledge in easier environment.
The price of family education software divides 3 class roughly: 1, economy: Every are covered 50 the left and right sides; 2, intermediate model: The price is in 100 yuan of above, 300 yuan the following; 3, high-grade model: The price is in 800 yuan of ~900 yuan even 1000 yuan of above.
When the user is choosing family education software, should from applicable, price appropriate, famous degree of tall kimono Wu is good these a few respects will consider. If your child needs a tutor, so should the software that first choice weaves by textbook, if you think the child needs to assist more with rise, answer library of selection of subject kind software. What remind you even is " when buying software, must identifying is an authorised edition, the reference book that can resemble a few be there just to make up the number otherwise is same, the school work of misdirect child.

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