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Humorous Lincoln
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When artistic family education reachs Lincoln of family education information to become a lawyer in Yilinuosi, one day he is going into town along a muddy the highroad, encounter an unfamiliar wagoner suddenly to driving carriage to also go into town, he wants to build a car, but be afraid of again say to refuse continuously, say: "Go into town my coat belt please had gone? "Go into town my coat belt please had gone??
Wagoner says: "Good, but how are you taken? But how are you taken??
Lincoln says: "This is very simple, I not disrobe is. I not disrobe is..
People often makes fun of Lincoln, say his appearance is not breathtaking. But he does not get angry not only, often still open oneself fun humorously. Once he says to the secretary: "The person with common appearance is the best person on the world, so god is built at most. So god is built at most..
Argue once, the adversary of Lincoln atttacks him is " two-faced " , lincoln answers: "This lets audience decide, if I have two pieces of faces, doesn't this piece of face want even? Doesn't this piece of face want even??

A day, a few friends are being talked about after all the leg has grown or leg weak point is good, at this moment Lincoln came in, they ask his opinion. "Hum " , lincoln says seriously after thoughtful moment, "I think one the individual's leg should grow so that can be next to the ground. "I think one the individual's leg should grow so that can be next to the ground..
A writer reads aloud him smelly after the plan that grows again, ask Lincoln feels how. Lincoln says: "Without doubt, the person nature that likes this kind of thing can like. The person nature that likes this kind of thing can like..

Lincoln was become still is him shoeshine after the president. One day, senatorial Charles will to the White House see Lincoln is brushing a shoe, he is astonied, say: "Presidential gentleman, washington has the person of the identity to will never brush his shoe! " Lincoln brushs at the same time ask at the same time: "Whose shoe do they brush then? "Whose shoe do they brush then??

When Lincoln speaks to army once, say: "I should hear someone says slavery is good only, I am about to let himself taste the flavor when slave. "

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